CONFIDENCE MAN – Anthony Dragonetti





Fall lockstep in line with the new faith of frisson, the new New York noise, the hypermodern literature, dispatches of the zoning, medicated mind, the crystal clean conscience, the pathologically hygienic, dietetic, horny male mammal, freighted by ambition, informed by grief and trauma, addicted to creature comforts and committed to fitness, stability and speed. What Anthony Dragonetti has fashioned is no less than a permanent answer to the Lishite school of consecution and craft. A deliberate show of writerly finesse and agility that subverts readerly expectations with exacting cruelty. A poignant meditation on loss, on parasocial relationship dynamics. An anti memoir. Open your heart to the hypnagogic masses getting killed out there in the gig economy. In eighteen stories, dialogue zig zags like radio interference, engrossing textures seduce. A calming voice, Anthony Dragonetti has savored the zeitgeist, distilled social ills and malaise, captured the lens flare and shuffling of perspectives, the chaotic mental tug of war, concocted a bad batch of antidote. Ingest at your own pace, miss at your peril, let it massage and depress your meridians and linger in the limen. Anthony Dragonetti’s CONFIDENCE MAN is a novel/short fiction collection hybrid with one of the most compelling narrators to shatter the fourth wall and tickle the proverbial earworm, a rolling snare. The nature of persona and practiced systematic living is confronted with lucid humanity.

CONFIDENCE MAN is good medicine. Get banged up, fucked up with a dash of thunder peal poetics and majestic prose, fill the holes in your life with this truth: CONFIDENCE MAN is a debut to lace all future American literary tropes with its singular style and invective. A bludgeoning. A reckoning for the American dream.

5.5 x 8.5″. 134 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Arturo Herman Medrano. 

Interview with Anthony Dragonetti

The Sentinel

Old Damage

Grab Ass

The Passenger (X-R-A-Y)

Walls Are Thin (Surfaces)

The Birthday Party (Surfaces)

Manifesting (Soft Cartel)

The Night I Spent With Pre-Accident Montgomery Clift (Soft Cartel)

Names (Philosophical Idiot)

Betty Ford (Neutral Spaces)

Machine Learning (Neutral Spaces)

Subprime Mortgage Crisis

Three Poems 


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