Cornucopia – Lindsay Amaris Temple



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Step into the club. Your night is young. The bass throbs bone-deep, the flesh comes alive. Carousing through a carnival of souls, entering the realm of woozy dissonance and desire. Mind whose door you darken lest you find yourself benighted and desperate. Hallucinate, escape, dance with danger and be violated by spectral allures. All bets are off in the moody insomnia of nightlife. Begin innocently with an illicit excursion and as longing approaches consummation, climax with a tempest of violence. Massage your fear receptors. A fantastic nightmare, Cornucopia brings a wild and crazy vintage heat. Are you equal to the cause? Experience your insides and outsides through a cosmic crescendo, toasting libations and spirits and swaying, undulating limbs and torsos for the devil fetching the hindmost, to find out what paradise lies on the other side of catharsis, self-knowing and reckoning. Break yourself in. Let yourself be renewed. Take your fate by the ankles, twist and let go.

5×8″. 66 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art Collage by Lindsay Amaris Temple. Lettering by Michael Kazepis. 


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