Esmerelda With an E – Grendel





Esmerelda With an E is a work of lyrical beauty, surreally modern and redolent of classic literature. It is a voicey, raw debut— pitiless and intense, hedonistic and morally serious. Arresting like the bass thrum of a long night’s allure, it plunges you into a nocturnality teeming with insinuating revelry and lustful proclivity through a metropolis twisting and stretching awake, bent on sundering itself alive. Sleepless spiraling from upwards cycling highs and lows to painful catharsis coming slowly and then all at once, wounds of the past and present collide into a merciless future hewn of irrevocable acts of passion, a separation and recombination into a samsaric deliverance and returnal, where a gut punch leads to the other side of an unknowable escape. Esmerelda With an E is a polylingual feat, substantive novel of ideas, and a single-handed renaissance of the intellective Bildungsroman for a time of ephemeral identity. Ethereal and hallucinatory, dense with undulating interiority, it will find you and free you, make you lost again to seek a more elevated literature.


4.25×6″.  198 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art featuring Czarna Madonna by Danny Sobor. Cover Design by Scott Litts. Book Design by Annabel Lawton Boardman. 


“Like James Joyce Wrote Euphoria”: An Interview With Grendel on His New Novel, Esmerelda With an E

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