Evil – Joseph Harms





Evil is one of the founding documents of the popular movement which spawned expat. It is unclear which found which first. It is a silver tongued city, a lost book of Revelation. A liminal zone and a spiritual battle. Four novels comprise this epic – AdesBaalCantWyrd. Michigan and Western Europe. The wretched and the reviled. It is a brute force proto-transatlantic jihad from one of the most idiosyncratic stylists to ever write. A faith walk down a warpath. A motley mandem contends with a coterie of preacher-subjugated deformed. The most uncouth psychodramaturges populate this climate of psycho-spiritual binge and purge and Boschean decadence. How brand-loyal are you? Do you really fuck with the real thing? Evil is a feat of apperception, cloacal from molten wounds. It is manifestly improvisational, possessed by the rocked and rattling volt of a channeler pounding a threnody. We invite you to splinter brain cells and get schizo. What’s that anarchic fuss? It’s Evil, just around the bend. This is the totalization of literary world promised by its predecessors. It liquidates and asset strips every hot piece of garbage it picks up. Get in. Will rubber band some tension in your shoulders, rubberneck round some hairy situations, a bullet went to sleep, a thermal hellcat fucked a star. Come on get in.      

6×9″. 760 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Nathanael Maynard. Lettering by August Knibutat. 


Interview with Joseph Harms, Round 2

The Miracle Wagered

Four from Bel


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