Expat 5





If not for love we wouldn’t know how to want. An event, a book of the dead, a toast to unsung travesties and unprecedented majesties. This is thematic supremacy. An escapism, a reveille. Characterless joints, disembodied questioning narratives. We’re sacrificing all the leaden baggage of the written word to save it. We’re leaving personalities behind and we must never return. All hits, no skips. Courage after fear. A relic out of time, built different for a fallen world. A unitary panpsychist’s map. A nuclear winter’s blanket, deep space dressed to the 9s, the patron saints of radio silence reach for the ether like deities of oblivion. We’ve got binders full of unsaids, unclassifiables and unknowables. The process by which we obliterate the form is unfathomable. Our curation is unimpeachable. An atemporal doorstopper to dissociate with or recite to music and psychoactive spirits. The most found words distilled as communion wine for the lost. Break ranks, come to the center, overthrow a utopia. The world needs to wake up and dream again. The page is a swooning rictus, a maw-shaped washed out tumble-dry saturation of living. It bends toward a European girl-flavored son favored, a silent disco prayer for affinal dilettantes. The next generation of liars, bitcrushed and blown out in breadth and ineffable grain.


All your names are dead.


featuring exclusives by AF Collective, anica v.2,  Ellena Basada, René Bennett, Matilda Lin Berke, Sam Berman, Lily Bix Daw, Mark Blickley, Dale Brett, Teddy Burnette, Madeline Cash, Cash Compson, Justin Ryder Cooper, Patrick Daniel, Reuben Dendinger, Curtis Eggleston, Colette Estelle, Ben Faulkner, Scott Gannis, GRSTALT Comms, Gabriel Hart, David Hay, Helen Hill, Jesse Hilson, Gwen Hilton, Jonathan Hine, Kieran Hodnett, Jonah Howell, René Itah, Genevieve Jagger, Adam Johnson, Danielle Keller, Gia Kelliher, Matthew Kinlin, David Kuhnlein, Jack Ludkey, Sam Machell, Syn McDonald, Michael McSweeney, Garth Miró, Enrico Monacelli, Forrest Muelrath, Amy-Jean Muller, James Nulick, Peppy Ooze, Brian Pester, Sylvie Pingeon, Tess Pollok, Sofija Popovska, Cobi Powell, Keko Prijatelj, Jenna Putnam, Elle Reed, GG Roland, Zyom Rosa, Nataliia Sova, Jan Stanek, Charalampos Tzanakis, Margaret Tucker, Mark Ward, Gregory Yelnish, Michael Zunenshine


6×9″. 590 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art & Design by Michael Kazepis.


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