Feds on Vacation – Big Bruiser Dope Boy





A new poetry collection by BBDB. Thirteen poems to make you cry and laugh, imprecations and fight songs, a riot ballad conversation piece and mourner’s lament. As combustible and raw as it gets, there was no way to stop this from coming out. It had to be induced and nursed in a NICU. But the vitality could not be held back. Feds on Vacation rips through you in one sitting and will do it again. It’s amniotic fluid from the birth. It’s a stethoscope hooked to an amplifier, it hurts you to make you better. What you see is what you get. BBDB is on an unpredictable trajectory. This is a dark and lean deep cut full of deep notes. Unbearably personal, familial, and warm. Elegant shrapnel.


5.5×8.5″. 66 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by G.P. DeSalvo. 


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