Fever – Renny Ramone





The premise is a Kafkaesque conceit. A man suffers a head injury. What a lovely way to burn… Renny Ramone crashes the literary scene with this nervy and soul-baring debut, a slim volume of omnipresent menace, steely tenderness and sprawling hallucination that could only have spawned from the debris of past lives and their attendant hauntings. Fever is an audacious act of redemption and reclamation in progress, a synthesis of loving cinephilia, frank sexuality, wonky intellectual neurosis and a heartrending portrait of a damaged antihero. Follow this unreliable narrator through a ghost story, a love story, a comedy of errors and nightmare all at once, through the seedy dregs of Miami nightlife, glamor and posh decadence, the allure of the feminine gallery, the refracted lens of memory, the shenanigans of friendship, loose change and growing pains of transformation, and the hilarities that ensue when a person possessed by the past collides with the present day debauchery and saturnalia of the vile swamp he calls home. Abort the human, birth the artist. Take the febrile plunge. 

5.5 x 8.5″. 110 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Renny Ramone. 

Chapter One

Interview with Renny Ramone



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