Heartfelt Anything – Teddy Burnette





Romance is not dead. Heartfelt Anything renders it as much revolutionary act as evolutionary process analogous to sand dunes shifting, glaciers melting, existential epiphenomena that assumes a naturalistic shape. This is heavy paper, includes things said and left unsaid. T & M, steadfast in their commitment to each other and incurably adventurous, form a recombinant entity readers will adore, forming egregores of their own edified convictions. Gather ye rosebuds, date night is a fertile loam for seeds of cerebral out/input, and it’s sublime with a partner, a mind meld of spontaneous eruptions. Heartfelt Anything is a sleevehearted x ray of the restless life of the mind in love and obsessed. Everything is hyperreal over the course of seven days. Through it we bear witness to two people starting to realize their desire to build a life together, a vantage understated in torrid concupiscence but hungry for intimacy, a deep consuming cognitive itch, an amnesiac raft buoying us from one tireless showdown with disillusionment to avid quilting point, moment to moment, a life raft as the world turns, inured to predatory, draining externalities. Dream a mood piece of lavish ethereality, couched in cozy epistemology, exploring the interiority of affection and timelessly unalloyed bliss. Teddy Burnette is ultra sincere and effortlessly moving, hot-blooded even in repose. Love is the psychic Möbius strip of affirmation which situates us in the cockpit of our inspirited vessels, ensconced in the premonition of a better life. Keep flying blind, stuporously groping for tenderness in a half-sleep, to find the ambiguous other, kindred and addled, your bedheaded bedrock.


5.5×8.5″. 184 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Hiroshi Tachibana. Lettering by Annabel Lawton Boardman. 


Interview with Teddy Burnette

The Comment

An Enormous Meanwhile

Happy, Ergo Futureless

This was a Performance



Structural Integrity (Fugitives & Futurists)

Outside Noises (Apocalypse Confidential)

Selections (Neutral Spaces)





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