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ISLAND TIME: WHITE TEE EDITION (2023). Limited Run. Third printing. 11:11 * 3 = $33.33. A classic in a new outfit made from rarest earth minerals mined from exclusive private beaches only: natural felt, holographic and silver foils, full color silk finish interior. Buy to manifest a wish.


Island Time is a disposable beach read (coming soon) but also a forever diamond. Tomorrow never ends…. This specialest snowflake edition features a new VAPORWARE PRODUCT (currently for only the imaginative readers), a gift that will keep on gaming forever: Oblique Strategies II: Island Time (Music Video Guided Symbol Visualization Reading Game, Infinite Loop).



A trip through the diamond mind of Kendall:

Kendall as in a MODEL or avatar: a convention for emotions. A diamond, like an object we find on the sidewalk in a virtual world: a low-resolution topology of light, shadow, and greenscreens, sort of like a MAP, also sort of like a noir MYSTERY or romance that leads us deeper and deeper into—actually, more like slipping the surface of—a WEB of metaphors made by repeated patterns, into fabric, symbols to wear on your sleeve. A trip like a vacation to an island, a diagram of writing *under the influence*—like a music video, or a mind, that is infinitely looping back on itself.

Kendall’s ex, Lil Peep, has disappeared. Uhh… Where is he!?


Weather is over. Typical Island Time. A word is a world and icons need to shine and bounce: this book recasts our brightest (pop) icons into a story of loss and lossiness. The most beautiful symbols are worn, like a heart, by a fashion model, on one’s sleeve. Island Time elevates user experience to a negotiation with artifice and essence, a motion-capture of mystery at the point where ambiguity becomes opaque enough to refuse tropes. An always-*winking* reckoning with form, Island Time reads like a roleplay, a modernist fanfiction punctuated by blue links that lead to both true facts and trapdoors to emotional reality. Language has never been so interactive. Kendall Jenner can’t sleep; Lil Peep is the object of her restlessness. Oblique strategies are deployed… so that, if stars align, they might—maybe—mind meld in an overcast atmosphere of pure poetry.″. 146 pages perfect-bound. Book design by Michael Kazepis, from a design by Olivia Kan-Sperling.


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