Napawaupee County Blues – Ted Prokash





Welcome to Huber Cell, where time served is time borrowed, and the ephemeral conflicts and friendships yield lessons to endure a lifetime on the outside. Follow Ted Prokash, the droll, incomparable narrator from A Fool for Lesser Things, The Brothers Connolly, and Journey to the Center of the Dream (available through Joyless House Publishing) through the jejune pranks, hearty laughs, and wistful musings of involuntary confinement, and hold a stethoscope to the pulse of small town gossip, pining, solitude and solidarity through iron bars and intermittent recess. This is Ted Prokash’s fourth novel, his voice singularly warm, robust, and indelible as the memory of rustic seasons passing immemorial through long albedos and horizons. It is a hilarious, moving account of one man coring out his degeneracy and laughing as he tosses the rind. It is a characteristically louche tribute to irreverence and that most American of dissents.

5.5 x 8.5″. 112 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Sam Pink. 

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