NOT YET – Manuel Marrero





This is not the way a human being writes. NOT YET is an updated Book of Revelation that reveals more than you may want to see. It is an Epistle from the Eschaton in progress that you miss at the risk of dying without ever having truly seen anything at all. This is language that edges against the inexpressible. Manuel Marrero has downloaded the zeitgeist like no other contemporary writer has. This book is a grimoire. This book possesses real secrets. Writers like to claim they’re risk-takers, like to talk a big game, but with every word they write they carefully stay within the lines proscribed, keep as close to the middle of the road as possible, shrewdly eyeing the boundaries to ensure they never cross them, maintaining the largest possible audience and the loudest possible accolades. Hooray for them. Marrero pays lip-service to no false gods, kneels before no plaster idols. He writes like one of the sainted possessed, with an immediacy and abandon that is pure poetry. He writes as if there were no lines, no laws, no tomorrow, no road behind him, no road ahead at all. The blacktop upon which he lays his luminous sentences is the stuff of pure space itself, a highway limitless marked by stars to the black hole that swallows all light and all of us with it in the ultimate orgasmic dead end. A Big Bang. A 911 call to save your soul. 

– Meeah Williams

5.5 x 8.5″. 1104 pages. 2 volumes perfect-bound. Cover Art by Arturo Herman Medrano.

Old Flame + Rib Age (Joyless House)

Peking Doves

You Had Me at Ello

Vamp on E (Terror House)

Decathexis: Prologue (Soft Cartel)

Not Me (Surfaces)



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