Problem Child – Alex Osman





Loosely interconnected fragments and elaborate showpieces form the twisting, jerking topology of Problem Child. Alex Osman’s living art casts wide nets and catches the rain, a mildly dystopian patchwork of monologues, slogans, proverbs and micronarratives bizarre, enchanting, preposterous and beautiful, a deeply sense-invasive concoction of prosody, cacophony and lilts, tape hiss and lens flare, feedback so nothing will ever be forgotten or diminished in grandeur or idiosyncrasy. It encapsulates the energy of art terrorism and mischief like it’s 1999, a terminal USA intoxicating and celebratory. Osman’s lines are hard enough to grind on, myths erupting like flames from the combustible dye of the extra-ordinary, the woolly, the impaired, the divinely anointed creations of primordial America as greasy frying pan. Cracked doesn’t cut it, madcap could be mad-hatter, blotter could help you unlock this medley of suicides, orphans, savants, wretches to flypaper. Scoreboards and staff notes, compositions of manic, maddening intricacy and disarming detours. Problem Child riffs on a thousand-year-old barren society’s intrinsic comedy, a sustained orgasm of the soul. Rug-pull after sidestep, it teeters on the verge of collapse, pirouettes 360 degrees on a unicycle around an anarcho-cosmic world alive with earthy alchemy.


5.5×8.5″. 140 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Alex Osman. 


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