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“Change is necessary, I say. To write bibles, I must become bibles.” The nature of authorship is challenged, the reader-writer relationship is thrown into upheaval, normie literature is forever undermined and the stylistic consequences of this book will reverberate through the annals of psychosexual adventurism. Currentivism breaks books. The heteronym bibles @Appropouture is a veteran of currentivism. Author of Hosanna in Hand, Psychopompous, and Antiquity Fails, the appropouture is a divinely guided vessel. A web search for appropouture yields a dazzling panoply of writing and art across various mediums and through time inexorable. Bibles writes on his telegram channel, on twitter, on any platform and to any audience. It’s all writing. Currentivism is the here and now. Here on channel prime one currentivism, reality and dreams are in confluence. The most important book of the Trump era, this book engages with you directly. It reaches into the interiors of your soul and pulses near your vitals and pressure points. It is full of secrets, a vibrating conduit. It has mystical properties, it is mutant memoir, it has spiritual magic in its movements. The Better Face of Fascism is the story of a year under the Trump administration as bibles tracks the birth of his first child in the Utah desert, surrounded by Mormons, a bizarre cast of characters both familial and strange, real and unreal, you and not you. Birth and death are connected in a miraculous seance of grand literary sweep and ambition. Sexual mores, perversion, tender beauty and chaos are juxtaposed. The Better Face of Fascism contains multitudes: it is by turns hilarious, dark, terrifying, obscene, hallucinatory and realistic. It is a visionary, powerful statement from the unchained id of a singular artist. If you get lost or confused, it’s only your imagination galloping away from you, and your reliable narrator, bibles, will take care of you, whisper the words you didn’t know you longed to hear. The Better Face of Fascism walks with balletic grace on the razor-thin cutting edge of literature. It is the music of the spheres, percussive primal bleats, a wry sense of humor, neobeat filth, romantic poetry within a blink. Submit to this primordial concoction. It goes down better than hemlock. 

5.5 x 8.5″. 194 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Arturo Herman Medrano. 

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