I Want to Feel Happy but I Only Feel _____. – Mallory Smart





“Mallory Smart is gloriously miserable. She’s down in the dumps, but full of music and magic. She writes about how perfectly sad it is to be in and out of love, as her sights are set on anxiety, drugs, loneliness, dank memes, and a big fat heap of post-grunge. She is a perfect wrecking ball, with a smiley face painted on the side.” – Bud Smith, author of Dust Bunny City

I Want to Feel by Mallory Smart is a collection of poems rich in impish humor, pop culture confessionals, and a self-consciousness that’s as cutting as it is healing. In a poem titled “Sometimes I Like to Imagine Pulling the Mask off my Face” Smart continues the thought in the two lines that follow: “But I can never bring myself/to delete Facebook.” Dude, I totally feel you.” – Alexandra Naughton, author of American Mary

“I’ve never seen an image of a person with their smartphone made into a beautiful portrait, but a description can be near metaphysical. Or not. (Smart does both.)” – Beth Murphy, girl in Times New Viking

Mallory Smart is a writer from Chicago, Illinois. Her work has appeared in Thought Catalog, Metatron, theEEEL by tNY Press, among others. She runs a small press called Maudlin House and is the author of the chapbooks I’m Antisocial Coffee Never Lies, Hipster Idiot and Fear Like a Habit. This is her first full-length poetry collection.

5.5 x 8.5″. 65 pages perfect-bound. 

Sad Feminist

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