Where the Breastplate Meets the Blade – Gwen Hilton





For the aspirant desperate to feel no fear, Where the Breastplate Meets the Blade answers one of art’s highest callings. Gwen Hilton bares all without ceding an inch, writing hair trigger no quarter from a fount of memories, a white-knuckle marathon through the gauntlet of youth to the other side of faith tested, a feat of unswervable determination and stylistic invention that lands with a sobering wisdom, for the soul has sown oats ripe for reaping. A Bildungsroman-to-memoir channel into the future, where generations will see themselves and recognize humanity. Aggressively frontwards and outspoken, intoxicatingly sentimental, from tender and mild to hard of heart and stone cold, prurience to metanoia, a run at the fire of the Gods, wrestling greatness from the chaos of a life settling into the shape of things to come, taking you to heaven and back to basics, Hilton’s second novel is a redemptive transfusion to stress test the faint of heart with hard realism and warm-blooded earnestness. Countenancing the insolubly wicked to make profound good on this earth, a one-to-one evangelization, pierced not piece by piece, but whole, gripping the blade. Nourishment for an impoverished culture. Gwen Hilton is the most impossibly gifted writer. She will be impossible to ignore. This is her unadulterated confession.


5.5×8.5″. 318 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Marceline Mayfield. Book Design by Annabel Lawton Boardman. 


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