Yellow Switch Palace – David Bingham





“My neck is tense and stings like it’s housing a piece of scrap metal. To calm myself, I remember something Piper once told me, that confidence is just the quality of the tricks your mind plays on you.”


Home for a few weeks between classes, journalism student Andy Sims is introduced to an innocuous phone game by his friends. In the days that follow, the game embeds itself into every aspect of his life as its textures, sensations, and enigmatic demands seem to swallow the city whole. A seductive, instant re-read, painted with a peculiar blend of chalky realism and hallucinatory sprawl, David Bingham’s love letter to the growing pains and false sophistication that color the suburban adolescent experience are at once electric and familiar. Explored in these pages with black wit and tender attention are; teenage love pangs, solipsistic mayhem, and the bleak culture of Washington D.C.’s undeveloped strivers, who run into walls and lose and fail and understand nothing until one day they rule the world.





“This is a story of two and a half friends.”


Yellow Switch Palace is the world. It is, in premise, the entirety of human existence, my team versus your team, til defeat. David Bingham has written a debut novel somewhere between hard realism and high fantasy/sci-fi romance. Cerebral and erudite, as the world turns the pieces fall together and the outcome is ruthlessly calculated, meted out in inexorable consequence. Mythic, urgent, addictive, centered on a mobile video game and quasi-love triangle, a circle of friends partying and scheming on a college campus and suburbs near the nation’s capital, where nothing is as it seems and time is always raging, echoing, hiccuping, scrambling radars, the embattled players competing for territorial acquisitions, communicating in vague paramilitary, druggy and paranoid tones, your side against mine, a war of winner take all. The game embeds itself in human lives as textures and sensations, and the story is a wondrous slice of life, a tender coming of age to be intuitively felt, pored and puzzled over more than once. A seductive, instant reread, structural depth and elegance balanced by messy lives, abounding with wit, communal hallucination, political satire, scientific theory, historical/cultural trivia sweeping us along a bizarre, enigmatic slick of noir-ish vibes and imagination, a taut möbius band of a plot. David Bingham’s Yellow Switch Palace is a singular, total aesthetic experience. You will feel stunned and overwhelmed. Memory, violence, and pain. Elemental conflict is the metaphysics, the state of play and rules of engagement are changing fluidly, porously. Prepare for the coming struggle.


5.5×8.5″. 258 pages perfect-bound. Cover Design by Elizabeth von Oehsen, adapted from Art by Aletiune. Wrapped & Set by Michael Kazepis. Edited by Sam Pink. 


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