Revolution is not a Dinner Party – Hestia N/A




Audio Log 1: found in the forest of De Cunha Island. 

Estimated to have been discovered 2 years after the original recording by Samuel Richardson. 

/Audio log begins/

“This is Samuel Richardson of the People Liberation Mass Front, we have made Landfall on De Cunha Island. Our current numbers are 20 revolutionary comrades in arms. We hope that upon contact with local villages we can begin the formation of a true mass line. At the moment we don’t fully know the political situation on the island, only that it’s isolated from the imperialist core’s warhounds. We are on our way to the village of San Guano, to recruit and organize the people there and create our revolutionary vanguard. I will continue audio recordings as new developments happen. Remember the revolution is forever.  Signing off for now comrades.” 

/audio log ends/


Audio Log 2: found outside the town of San Guano on the corpse of Samuel Richardson. Estimated to have been recorded 3 days after Audio Log 1.

/audio log begins/

“Samuel Richardson here again. It appears we grossly misunderstood that situation on the island. Upon reaching the outskirts of San Guano, we sent 2 of our comrades into the town who speak spanish. These men were told to report back in 2 hours; they never came back. We waited another 30 minutes before we sent in 4 comrades as our search party. These comrades also haven’t returned to us. We fear that either the locals aren’t who we thought they were or that they somehow lost their way heading back to our rendezvous point.  Today has been a great failing on my part in leading our revolutionary front here. We plan to enter the town tomorrow with our remaining 14 members at the crack of dawn and— *Sudden Gunfire heard in the distance like the call of hounds out on the hunt* OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING. *Richardson arms himself with his novelty Mauser Type 24 rifle* *The tape recorder is dropped as Richardson exchanges gunfire.* *The gunfire continues like fighter aces trapped in a prolonged dog fight* *Richardson screams out as bullets shred through his pale and frail suburbanite body,  leaving nothing but small holes riddled across his body as if he had been impaled by dozens of demons within just a moment.* *The sound of footsteps covered in blood and muck, become ever more audible as the slow trudging steps, sludge toward the tape recorder.

/Audio Log Ends/


Audio Log 3: Found within what is assumed to have been the torture chamber of the slavers located within San Guano.

Estimated to have been recorded a week after Audio Log 2.

/audio log begins/

*As the recording begins the first sounds discernible against the silence are the muffled cries of a prisoner, then the clanking of pliers being opened and closed extremely close to the recorder* *Footsteps receding away from the recorder as the prisoner’s frantic screams grow louder and louder. Then a sudden crack aaaaaaa aaaaaa a deep cry echoes outwwwwerwererrr.Aaaaaaaaaaaaasssaaaaaassasaaaaasds. Suddenly sickening and disgusting sounds just barely audible, echo out as the victim’s skin is peeled away and their tendons scream out one by one as they crack, shatter and collapse like buildings consumed in flame. Blood splashes onto the ground, the sound bouncing on and off the walls echoing back and forth again and again like a cruel parody.;alsjdflajsfl   [INDISCERNIBLE AUDIO]nmew, Nothing but silence for what feels like an eternity of disassociation nothingness. The peaceful silence is shattered and broken, as the sound of a hammer hitting a wedge blazes outward.jjjjkjkkkkll as the victim releases a horrifying blood curdling gurgle like a man drowning in his own vomit and decay. The footsteps move closer as the steel toed boots clank across the metallic floor that has grown rusted and bloodied from decades and decades of tortured souls who have been taken into this metallic hellish prison, the victim falls silent, assumed to have passed out* 

/audio log ends/


CIA Examiner’s Notes and Conclusion


Within these audio logs we have found truly shocking material that although not a full perspective on events, has given us enough to work with, We have come to the following conclusion of the remaining events. The 14 young adults who didn’t scout out the village were all slaughtered by the slavers. The 6 who entered San Guano were captured and 3 of them have had their bodies found, presumably tortured to death as an example to the others, who having been so caught up in their fiery ideals and beliefs, couldn’t fully grasp or understand their position within the world in those moments of imprisonment. We have no leads on where the slavers’ operations have moved to, nor do we have any leads on the remaining 3 young Americans, we assume they are being exchanged, in underground human trafficking markets or that they are dead. This case has tested my very mental health as although this written transcription may not fully express the extent to which this audio is distressing. When one listens to it, day in and day out for who knows how many days at this point it drains your soul and humanity. I am hereby resigning from my position in the CIA after I send in my conclusion of this incident. I have done horrible, horrible things but never to someone as young and inexperienced as these individuals who believed they would be heroes but became nothing more than victims to the world. They were effectively children, who had no idea the true horror and terror that awaited them.

-Special Investigative Reporter Agent Peters