Revolution of You – Atticus “Little Tank” Davis

Summer with Muffy 11

I respect you
I believe in you
I care for you
I have hurt you
and you have hurt me
but I will forget if you will forget
this regardless of love is how I feel about you
this is what I know to be true
be an amnesiac
forget the worst and remember the best
just be here for me and I promise you won’t be let


Summer with Muffy 12

I promise you this
I will forget you
I will forget it ever happened
I will look at your face like a stranger’s and it will not
hurt me the way the sound of your voice hurts me
and I love the sound of your voice
I love the way the sound of your voice hurts me


God’s plan

when you are out of money
dressed like shit
and out of shape
when your most loved reject you with a patronizing
and you have nothing but another day at work
your well meaning interpreted as ingratiating
your sincere love interpreted as being a simp or a
your grandma died
and you have no legacy
your poetry sucks
and you’re bored and boring
terrified of tomorrow
know that despite your offense
there is a God
there is a plan
each moment shapes the next
you are a masterpiece



I’ve imagined many situations in which I exercise
violence to save you
in these stories I imagine we are in love and the
world wants to fuck you
and cannot contain itself
you’re wearing a short shiny dress and high heels
my favorite fantasy is beating a man’s face to goop
for grabbing your ass on a New York train car
I am made of muscle
and my victim is not innocent
you love me for my homicidal response
you see strength as strength
and heroism as heroism
and it makes sense
and that brings me comfort


art house hottie

I fell in love with Jennifer in her skin tight blue
velvet dress
I fell in love with her before she offered me a line of
normally I would never but because of how polite
she offered I accepted
it felt like it was just for me
just between me and her
I was distracted that night with a gay crush and my
girlfriend at the time
I did a line
then quickly pounded paper cups of wine until I was
and I was drunk until I had to puke
it was near the end of the night
Jennifer came in to the bathroom
where I was puking, the toilet surrounded by vomit
that didn’t make it into the bowl
she came in, carefully, and said
“I’m heading out, have a goodnight.”
“Oh, see you.”
she paused
“You’re really attractive.” I slurred
she got nervous and left
I ended up experimenting with gay sex and was
passed up by my own girlfriend at the time
what a shit show
miss you Jennifer


art house hottie 2

I wish I went to bed with Jennifer that night
in her skin tight blue velvet dress
with all her love and kindness
all demonstrated
in offering me a line of coke how thoughtful
how awful


no one will believe you were ever this alone

no one to call
not one friend
not one message in my phone from someone I
wasn’t raised with
as Jesus in the desert
tempted by Satan
with less fortitude
and purpose
but like the blues player who sold his soul to the
I will return
and no one will believe I was ever this alone


out of the gutter and into the stars

the orwellian face stomping boot was blown off and
what’s left of the face was preserved
life sustained
the years you thought you wasted gambling for an
art career actually panned out
turns out God is real
with a knife in your stomach in the gutter
then stopped the bleeding and sent you to the
because the improbable, the impossible is possible
out of the gutter and into the stars