Revolutionary? Spear it. – Netscape Negro

Don Lemon is eating Huey Newton’s corpse on prime time 


As the blood of the dissenting martyr drops down into the open mouths of a million r/DSA revolutionaries 


You can’t say what you mean on the internet 


If you go outside Ol’Porky magdumps the heart attack gun into your whole family 


Terror is a commodity, your favorite movement is a disney ride now 


If you turn off the news for 5 seconds you’ll realize you’re bleeding to death from a thousand cuts 


If you turn it back on Hitler’s doing traffic while George Bush does the weather 


Black Lives Might Matter but a thousand middle eastern kids are worth less than a Netflix Deal


21st century woke Jesus washes the feet of war criminals at the baseball game 


They’ll dull your spears before you ever get to Versailles