Ricardo López & Christine Chubbuck – Sierra Armor

You are a camera
I am Ricardo.

I speak to mirrors,
too. The paint is
Green & target-red,
swirled onto
my baby head,
until I’m some creature
I create

It’s searing
On some funny face
With my eyelids flipped
inside out, I could
show you
Who I am.
I’m the Velazquez
Venus As a

Stirring like a louse
on top of filmy
bed sheets
in Hollywood,

I would
never have sex
with Björk
Not in a walk-in freezer
Not in Iceland
I love her. Her voice
jolts me, the shivers
are innocent.

I cut off her face,
I paste
it onto a D & G ad

If I’d went to
art school,
I’d be Björk.

If Hitler went to
art school,
He’d be Björk

I work
in pest control,
I was born a factory

My rarest
appreciation is
For purified
For mites
gassed out
of leaves.

I leave
with her name
to my temple.
I left supernaturally

Björk is my
Angel. I
carved her
out of
I-D magazine