saint sebastian speaks; or, pariah the doll’s RULES FOR BEAUTIFUL BOYS – Salomé Xtravaganza

encolpius preens supine contrapposto
off warm dry summer temple grass
giton dreams on his chest, aching
beautiful boys don’t eat 

sonny, salty sarrasine sobs beside 
bloodied dioecious destroyer
are we above, against or outside the house?
beautiful boys can’t read

biology’s supreme poet dictates 
the iced electricities of the Faith
i trot along the pavement, hoping – 
beautiful boys are never h(e)ard

exaudio, soldat
elizabeth garden of eden
runaway cowboys sell myra’s bones
beautiful boy can’t breathe 


my guy will realize rules
from sissy hypnosis priors; 
heu – she knows the choreo

sing the offertory hymn, this time with feeling
beautiful boys’ voices , crack shatter break
let not the eunuch say – behold! appealing 
i am a dry tree lake

burning, stinging tears- Monster!
You who give life to NOTHING
neither real woman nor real man 
i wish you could hear – 
mon coeur trembles, my voice never can 
the earth shifts; encolpius moans 
the vultures are waiting to pick your bones