Schizoid Screaming – Hestia N/A

Trapped within my mind’s eye lies the infinite swirling mass of cosmic dust that makes up the consciousness of my mind, something I curse day in and day out as this consciousness has provided nothing but a deep regret for my own existence as I struggle to break out of the eternal entrapment of the chaotic entropy of my skull. This flesh and mind trap my immortal self within the swirling paradox of fragmentation and incomprehension, as I struggle to even realize actualization of self to create a stable form I scream out into the endless abyss and echoing void hearing nothing but my scream echoed back to me like a cosmic mockery of my own distraught and disdain and bloodied physic pain. This endless battle to remain real and present against the innumerable gnawing maws of infinity and insanity is a battle I will never win as I am forever trapped here until I succumb to insanity and inhumanity, losing that which is real only to be unmade and made into a psychic ghost searching and seeking for something or someone to latch my aching self back onto in order to bring order to my chaos and fight back these internal legions of Hell. Within this search lies one hope: the hope of God and some afterlife where my soul shall be free from my mind and I can break my chains of entrapment and leave the chaos and demons and entropy behind, finally finding inner self and peace.


Sunlit endless desert lays before me. It’s a never ending abyss, my convoy arrives and picks me up as I grab my RPG in preparation for our jihad. As we travel through the dunes and valleys I feel myself ache with anticipation. Today I will release my unbridled rage against the occupiers like a lover leaving soft velvet kisses on my skin. We arrive at the pre planned point with our pre planned gear, during the pre planned time. We await in ambush waiting for the occupying general to arrive, we will unleash the swords of the righteous upon him castrating and rendering him into nothing but a mess of ruined flesh and bone. The silence of our long vigilant wait is deafening in comparison to the justice we will unleash upon our foe. Suddenly we hear the devil’s own vehicle and guard arrive as the boots of their regime echo out across infinity trampling our people and culture underneath them, grinding us into little more than sand in a vast empty desert. A shot rings out, our pre planned signal to unleash the hot, fiery hell of our RPG missiles, as they make contact with the vehicles and penetrate their hulls with their orgasmic explosion of fiery fury. The aftermath of the violent hatefuck leaves the ground moaning open with deep craters where the road and man once where. Quickly we retreat and vanish into the desert without a trance of our presence left beyond the reminder of our victory.