Sensory Degradation – Maté Jarai

In the thick of it


Drifters and beggars

cash flow architects

buy my shit or take me on

reproduce or build it up

in these streets too ancient to be named

fought over thousands of years

thousands of times

there was blood 

still lingers in the cracks

and the tree bark

all flavour merges here

all colour sweats and suffers

divides and lays claim,

if only it were so.

The mesh of misrepresentations

net of pained variation

is visible here like nowhere else

she cried and I acted 

barely seeing it hang high

for the first time physical 

iron and rust, steel and stars,

skies beyond paler somehow.

We all have the capacity to change

and slow change we do

hermit crabs scrambling

for some new real estate

a little bigger, fancier,

but only beyond the bars

where the legends rule even stronger

where the others sleep sounder

full of something they 

perceive as hope

though singular,

surely tenuous,

absolutely done.


A stone’s flow away


Medusa in my ears

not trying to look away

I can listen

don’t need to move

not going anywhere anyway,

eyes closed last night

and something like 

one hundred nights before

but I’m solid on the outside,

up and down like a lunatic

the ups higher and lows lower

than ever before

I’m talking eagles, man

the stratosphere

the point where sky turns

to outer space

and I’m thinking moles and worms

fossilised layers of dinosaurs 

that we’ll never find

and even lower when it rains

mole people

Egyptian Gods

undiscovered shit too deep

and then the heat at the centre

the fucking core of this

untouchable like mine

unseen like mine

because both you and I

have no idea who I really am

but this is OK as long as we are aware

because no one ever really knows anyone

ripped that line from Rules of Attraction

and I’m attracted

I’m intrigued

but no matter how much

I want to be better

you will never be her

but optimism, man

so maybe you could be

a different kind of

just as good

I’m watching

like a sea stone

while everything

ebbs and flows.