Seriously Christopher Nolan – Jesse Prado

Literally stfu
First the reopening of theaters during covid for tenet
Then you put in your two cents regarding the whole wb
And hbo streaming scandal
Which is all okay
And fine
Even though you had nothing to do w it
But now you got a problem w the response
Or lack thereof to the character you wrote for dark knight rises bane

The supervillain to Batman in the third installment to the dark knight trilogy
Like regardless of how anyone really feels about the character that is some old shit
It’s relevant to you
And maybe Warner bros on account of it being the eight year anniversary since its release
But newsflash
No one knew that
I’m almost willing to bet Warner bros didn’t either
So is this what your two cents regarding the whole streaming scandal w them is about
The overall reception of your take
Or interpretation of the bane character in your Batman trilogy

Talk about some afterthought too huh
Like we honestly didn’t even think you liked him
Since the joker was taken out of the franchise
Or your take on it
We thought your writing of bane was like a big fuck you to your own trilogy
And Warner bro’s even maybe
Like we thought bane wasn’t a direction you wanted to go in
Like it was literally a subplot
Now it’s taken you eight years
A bad movie
And the wb
And hbo streaming scandal to realize
Or think you’ve realized your take on bane didn’t get the response you deserved 

I loved interstellar
Dk how I felt about inception
Bc I had a lot on my mind
And I had a headache towards the end
But dark knight rises
And the supervillain bane
Question mark
If I’m really being honest he wasn’t bad
I love bane
But I think Nolan’s take was a tad bit overwritten
And his costume looked kinda stupid
But either way no one cares
And all I’m saying is he’s got three headlines in indiewire about it this week
And he’s been making headlines over stuff like this all year
So no offense 
But literally stfu 

This actually came to Nolan’s attention when a study was released
Which recorded a poll that said there is in fact an entire subculture of bane stans
Not just bane stans
Bane as in the character in
And of itself
But Christopher Nolan
And Tom Hardy’s interpretation of which
So I stand corrected
I guess
Question mark