Six-Legged Boy Toy – Coleman Bomar


erectile dysfunction

sildenafil pills




uber eats day shift

smoothies fill my freezer bag

like kidney transplants




young penis envy

locker room shower slap ass

guys spray their armpits




pornhub on my phone

finally found that one clip

I am so happy



Idk who to blame for all this caring. 
You say you’re scared of whales dying
and fundamentalist Christianity. 
As a child, I was scared of cryptids,
quick sand and nuclear weapons. 
Somehow I’m more and less scared 
of the dark now. 
I’ve always worried about getting raped, which is weird because 
I like being sexually dominated.
My relationship with fear is fuckboy-esque. 
I was afraid of an X girlfriend 
until she blackmailed me with a dick pic, 
threatening to post on Facebook
unless I bought her Louboutins. 
We made up years ago. 
Now, I’m scared of dying without enemies
because that’s proof
of not really living your life. 
I just open my computer, the world screams
and it’s impossible 
to close my eyes, say whatever. 
I wish I hated everyone, but I’m scared 
we won’t survive much longer.
As a weakling, I’m afraid of necessary pain.
I worry about disappointing my dad.
Idk who I need to kill to wake up.