Six Poemz – Ryan Bry

like a dream scythe to the head / sleeper-soul


wake up

you alien

we got shindigs to wrestle

degrees to flaunt

slashburns to remedy,

with time with time

the breezelette mingles

to the reasonable sound

of quartet floozies

zing out of this dimension

to another Earth

with more sympathy

for chicken growers

like yourself.

negative karma

from machines

float into your easy head

easy with sleep

easy with silliness

what if i turn this off?

drown more

fluidly next time

we like it

when you throw

your shoes around

like the nacreous cotton

that holds your body together.


an ikea salad


been bamboozled another by that moonslinging son of a whip-crack. one of these 3:36 pm’s i’m gonna wake with cake on my throat. speed racer earning some greasy simoleons, he does. grendall kirchner aimless and true mumbles his way into rightless eternities. my elbows grungy up to the idea of wingless avocadoes. please be told you are one buddy walleye in this fling-up parade. you are my rastaman from iceland with golden fingertips.

weightless birds with lego blood dance towards infernal burger joints. like 30 times the bunsen burner feeds the viagra babies in pepsi. with my lighter i set the mosaic mirror on fire. georgia peach in georgia font. keep on surgeon on for those mink iron answers. billy eyed bluebelly really ought to do something about this.

tennis elbow johnny manhunt lily willow steal this heart of water bells. the stream seems false. verify your freedom condition with your freedom identification. who do you think you are smoking space shuttles in the blossom pie night? the future takes you where? ablaze’n din and even ablaze’n lulls. the task manager is a task. go back to your home.


we will live actually


take your friend

out to the WIND

NUMBER lodge—

where we wing

heaven miners

who have honey

take them

with your airplane

made of snow

and paint.

we will race

over nerdy turfs

to unstuck realities,

our eyeballs golden

with the sun transmission;

until the rimy brine


floats unwounded

for us.

slide this translucent

steak down

your throat,

and breathe fresh

dormitized air —

this is your life,
I believe!


undermilk screaming luxury


unhinge me,

i’m in your colossal

milk. bowl.—

waiting, for punctuation

to take effect.

your mother

was debilitation, darling

your skin is ripe

as jujee fruit

in springtype fascinations.

kill the goddamned clock-

seeker, with a freemason

cudgel. i keep. dying. to

see you, your face glows

stupid, and free.


i wrote this yesterday poem


i wrote this yesterday poem

its ribs drip cement for

magnolia parkway.

fascination penumbras

double-u cranberry
up with sympathy

conspiracies. my

dingo dimensions
vault at the sight

of translucent you.

poltergeist turbulence

in chiaroscuro emblems,

lordy on fire:

he’s really coming down

with corn-cob wands

and angel ninny bonnets.

feed the balcony

some screaming ink

and rest your arms

in comic brilliance—

dwarf digestion of

milk and cookies.


dream lawyer (for my dad)


did you photograph this florida sunset with your slingshot temperament

did you bury dead flowers under the physicality of your footsteps

you talk to your clients while i water the fake plants

and the sun does circles around you
the diet coke king inaugurates another moody tuesday

and i keep thinking

why do i have a brain

and you practice your putting
like nothing is happening

and nothing is happening

i needed a lawyer to sue my bad dream

and you came

with bagels and coffee

and collateral—a sweat stained callaway hat

you came

with a tornado’s deposition

you came, of course you did

you came into my bad dream

exorcising it in the name of ballgame

your reason was dominant

you took me to where the rain never bleeds

and dream lawyer

you took me to earth’s greenest steam shower

and showed me the emergent airplanes over the concrete fields

dream lawyer, i owe you

for passing the dream down.