Smokingreallyfinepipetobacco out of a cheapglassweedpipe bc youmisplaced your pipestem videochatting w a hotgirl who makesyounervous – James Krendel-Clark

“Obsession / You’re reading my mind, how sad // Obsession / You’re reading my mind, how bad // Paranoia boogie-oogie, come to ooze //
Paranoia boogie-oogie, come to ooze //
La la la, lalala la la la lalalalalala /
La la la, lalala la la la lalalalalala /
Paranoia boogie-oogie, come to ooze //
Paranoia boogie-oogie, come to ooze //
Animal mind, crossing the line / [Sigh] //
Animal mind, crossing the line / [Sigh]”
-Deerhoof, Believe E.S.P.

“Sieze the icon of this saint or that! / Sieze the icon of this saint or that!”
-Boris Godunov

x x x

Ech fuck it I say god damn oh boy! it’s good! to talk to YOU! all of my frenemies cosmology i LOVE you SO much I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S TRUE MY GOODNESS

life is revealing goodness

good is revealing lightness

is evil revealing sharpness

my ideograms sharded on the wallspace

ha ha

ha ha

come through


ooze me now please brain yes yes iloveyou iloveyou

yes yes

sharp sharp

knife knife

cut cut

umbilical cord

wrist wrist

i feel i feel

* * *

tobacco reveals mysteries sharp

i think like

you know there was a tribe that believed in a god

[[hey come on i’m just being ironic

impregnate my minor narcissisms more please]]

made out of tobacco


pick any god

sharpie highlighter god

adorno god

saxophone god (my saxophone over there)

dr scholl’s odor-x deoderizer god

x x x

curl my toes when i curve to snap my spine

saturn i mine a field for shards of war

bowl of soup bowl of soup shiver shiver

bowl of hotsoup soothe in a tent my nurse

take my pulsenurse i ooze i melt brain is

over there somewhere in the air

nursing me my bed shiver in covers with

taking my medication and then

feeling amorphous shadows like a demon invade


seroquel more than the prescribed dose


invade me sharpskull cutclamps with my

brain i encephalate your scarab

oozing in and out

while my mind like skull the eyes red zone

smokeoozing outbrain

yeah yeah yeah yeah yes right there oof

my feels

x x x

my tinder message was a little overbearing

trying to sell my writing to a hotgirl

“wow i see from your instagram you are published

wear can i read

would bee nice

to date a WRITER”

x x x

sometimes i feel

borderline retarded

no seriously i mean

soooo inauthentic and

stimulants help to

square away the focus

meld into dust

sparkling absence

my gosh golly darn

of a void that grinned me skullout off OFF switch

i didn’t care about it until i did SWITCH off SWITCH

and then the rainyday window looked OUT in THE

bad and sad RAin glOOM

x x x

wanted to read more of your stuff i swear

i just am obsessive about reading you know

hard to digest

anxiety of influence

blah blah blah

excuses excuses

x x x

yellowing my teeth now

reading stefan george auf deutsch bc i can and

bc it makes me feel cool and badass

and nietzsche auf deutsch and hegel


exoskeleton of autobiography

crumples shrivel in a shell

cocoon why don’t you i
shrivel in a shredded skin i

peel my face off againsorry

are we really doomed to just reflect our narcissisms back and forth

x x x