Something About Hand Soap – Jesse Prado

So no one’s gonna admit they can’t open it
Like we’ve really just been ragequitting every attempt to go with the soap we have in our bathrooms
Like we’ve permanently resigned to our own handsoaps to such a point where we’re not even gonna try washing our hands at the kitchen sink anymore
Bc I don’t see anyone else trying at all
In fact i’ve never seen anyone try even once since we got it when that’s all I’ve been doing

And like what’s even wrong w it
Is it busted
Where’s the last one i bought
Doesn’t matter
That one busted too
I mean usually all you have to do is twist the nozzle until it pops
But that isn’t happening this time
Nor did it happen last
It just kept going and going and going and going and going and going
Like when would it end

More specifically when will this end
This silent agreement between all of us to just not talk about it
This don’t ask don’t tell policy
Turn the other cheek
Look the other way
Are we that stubborn
Has our pride gotten to be to such a level to where we can’t even come out to each other when any of us are in need of a helping hand
Is that showing too much weakness
And vulnerability

If so then idk if i can live here anymore
Or more specifically like this in general
I mean believe me
It’s been great
But i just dk how much longer i can go on like this
Trying to cover up and hide
I mean i’m only human
You understand
There’s only so much i can keep inside
And to myself
And only for so long

So what am i gonna do now
I mean if neither of us are going to budge
Am i gonna have to just come out
And be the bigger person in this case
Maybe so
Maybe that’s been the answer all along
And i didn’t even know that it’s just been right there
Under my nose all along this entire time

I gotta say something though
I’m tired of hiding
And i don’t think i can go on like this any longer
So there
A decision’s been made to come forth
To just come out
And say it
That i don’t know how to open up this bottle of dalan handsoap
And i’m tired of resigning to the bathroom for this reason alone
I’m ready to come clean
That’s right
I’m ready to come clean about everything
Wish me luck boys
I’m going in


Turns out no one ever tried to open it
Not once at all since we got it
Bc they’ve never been accustomed to washing their hands at the kitchen sink on their way back in from wherever they were
Even before the pandemic they’ve always used the bathroom sink for things like this
And so it was easy for them
Or it always had been anyway