Space and Awareness of Space – Bobbi Lurie

The feelings rise and fall they change in you blaming someone else or one’s self or else not so that the action taken changes each day each second in fact it changes within the innerness of the mental apparatus we’ve created daily always putting in and taking away fragments mixing together moving freezing deleting into shapes escaping from the general overflow not knowing what’s going on what is what or who is who. Ambivalence in living or even wanting to is what makes my writing incoherent within a particular range or ear shot. Mostly I’m not who I am in public but am instead a facsimile of something else felt years ago or perhaps fleetingly in the present tense. Time is a line of repetition habit patterns wishing things were different or might be though how they should be is much more what shouldn’t have been isn’t it. Aren’t we complainers of destiny fleeing this Now how can I speak of something other than the avoidance of more hardship so lonely being a woman says a woman a man says a man says all humans don’t know where to go how or why they do. We often as a species say to one or another is mostly the same so we say “it’s good to cry” but still we don’t know why we’re here.