Spectres of Saturn [excerpt] – Patrick Kilgore

Gangster Communist Computer God


A terror to the Gangster Communist Computer God.

Free from its pederasty and Frankenstein Controls.

All the peoples of the world will cry out in unison,

“NO! We shall not tolerate such blasphemy!


and I will become the hanged man.

I am reminded of a portion of Mao’s speech at the Lushan Conference:

   “If you have to shit, shit!

   If you have to fart, fart!

   You will feel much better for it”

These poems are a pile of shit.

The pages stink like shit.

The binding feels like shit.

Everything is shit.

And shit is everything.

Sing the praises of Appalachia!

Recite your Whiskey Rebellion Poetry!



Pan’s Spectre


I saw the ghost of Pan last night along the side of the road. 

He was sitting next to some roadkill of an unknown small mammal in prayer. 

I pulled along besides him in order to have a conversation. 

As soon as I got out of my car and shut the door we made eye contact. 

His mouth grew five times the size and he let out a wail like a banshee then disappeared.

There I stood mere feet away from the rotting carcass left to my own devices and I thought to myself,

“I’m glad you died with the birth of Christ, you bastard.”