Stained – Donna Dallas


This shackled cover
this long-ass road
I didn’t sign up for this
I was running head on
into breaking waves
ice water
nipple freeze

a sad doggy paddle
this washed up whore
has a few words of wisdom
to pass to y’all
when you’re sooooo
beaten and you hover on
the edge
feel yourself
completely shutting down
your vision blackens
ears drill a deadly hum
there’s a lull and you want
so desperately
to float into it

Come back ladies
powerful bitches
will reel themselves
you think it’s the end
when every fiber shreds
and short circuits you to
a heap of bones
think again

Cave women
Joan of Arc
you think we plucked that rib softly
to pick our teeth with it?
that rib was viciously fought for
with blood and tits
to get that thing and stick it in
grow around it
from it

I tell you sisters
this is a holy shard – this rib
I will peel away my skin and show
you this golden rod
bitches have championed for centuries
to keep the wave
of us


When I Self-Loathe

The cup filleth over
it astonishes me how much of a hater
I can be to my very own core
look at myself and judge like I am bi-polar
could have been dropped on my head
but I can read you good
with your cock
in hand measuring
and girth
with the boys
and if that doesn’t supply the heavy demands
of your ego
then a bunch of whores always work
dime a dozen now-a-days
don’t have to work to get ass
any more
I lament while
you scour the room
for your next victim
I’ll find someone else I say
who’d have you?
you reply
maybe you’re right
but there’s got to be someone out there
to hold me
love me
for the monster I am
even if he is a Cyclops



Sometimes I Get So Lost


I end up in my own zoo
I’d like to
nowhere to go
bump the edges of a box
over and over
like the neurotic polar bear
in the Central Park Zoo
kept circling around
tap here
push off there
the fucking cycle
what’s the meaning of crazy again?
do the same thing over and over
expect different results each time
and knowing this

wouldn’t be so bad
if I was fed and cared for
like Mr. Polar Bear
I’m fending off lions
and tigers
swim in my own daily madness
like a comforting sickness
I catch again
and again




My sins soak into these lustrous satin
bed sheets
I pray to my angels
they cascade in
from the window
little varmints see everything
can they rehabilitate me?
flutter endlessly
sing gospels
voices so pure
I swoon
try to hold out
poor creatures cower in
the corner I give them
a run for their money

They collapse in exhaustion
I say Jesus will save me
they say cut her loose J please
she’s too far gone
I say muse me back to virginity
sway me angels
I long for a
golden chastity

they ever so gently
crawl under the sheets
in dire need of rest
I’m wide awake in search
of any potential
decadent sin
in order to be saved
I need to be


Wretch Thinks like a Man

Keeps telling herself she didn’t do it for la chatte
for money
or eternal life
that queen wasp
is a bad bitch
take a motherfucker down
no questions
there’s no money in
her game
it’s called
wretch will take em down
for a few days
she’s on them like her host
a leech
a true wretch
with her cock n balls
whatever she can get from them
stings so good but it’s all poison
every drop