Manhattan – Jack Ludkey

fuji – Adedapo Adeniyi

Your Business Here – GRSTALT Comms

Phantasm – Mariam Onipede

The Young Man Who Wanted to be Like Zeno – Eli S. Evans

Red Light Bar – Greta Schledorn

A Proposal to a Park Bench – David Hay

Solo – Fawzy Zablah

Salt – Reuben Dendinger

Ouroboros – Ally Gelber

Pieces of Me – Rudy Johnson

Mau – Naomi Brauner

Al Pacino – Meghan Lamb

1-800-LYF-LINE – Vivi Hayes

On Constipation and the Anal Stage of Development – Riska Seval

Granular – Kornelia Drianovski

Brief Interview – MJ Szalay

Portrait of a Daughter (In Between) – Lily Sperry

The Wave – Sofija Damčević

Swing Low – Wendel Lux

In the Year of Vanishing Hair – Kit Williams

Fireworks – Naomi Brauner

Expulsion of the Sixthborn – Heather Fogotti

The Prettiest Girl in the World – Cerissa DiValentino

The Saw Mill – Hank Kirton

Hotel Angel – Iris Bednarski

Future Days – Gwen Hilton

does the room stay still when you sleep – Adedapo Adeniyi & Mariam Onipede

Miami Story – Claudia Azalde

Wild Game – Emma Rose Jacobson

what if the girl from The Ring was blonde? – Elizabeth Burch-Hudson

Ping – Mariam Onipede

The Chimps – Jack Ludkey

Warhammer 2.024K Fatima, Immortal Dreadnought – Rudy Johnson

Three Diary Entries Partly Concerning Teeth – Gwen Aube

Luis – Hannah Liberman

Escapism Majeure – Adedapo Adeniyi

Big Guy – Lamb

The Alligator Kid – John Biron

End of the World Party – Iris Bednarski

Man’s Search for Meaninglessness – Benjamin Drevlow

Mosquito Farm – Adedapo Adeniyi

Shred Through the Pain – Casper Kelly

China Baby – Vivi Hayes


A Horror Story – Chloe Pingeon

Recesses of Solitude – Adam Johnson

Separ-in-in-in – Lenny Boyle

Jah of the Maggot – Peppy Ooze

Masterpiece – Hank Kirton

Fine Figures – Jon Doughboy

Let’s Play SENRAN KAGURA Burst Re:Newal – Ryan Petersen

The Words – Chris Benton

Papier Mâché Volcanos Erupting in the Hearts of His Homemade Stars – Nicholas Clemente

eniola and the again again – Mariam Onipede

Door Ghost – Michael Zunenshine

excerpt from Lil Pump: An Auto-Fiction – Jacob Stovall

Gratification – Ida Mobini

Baby Hill – Alex Kies

Borscht – Adam Johnson

People You May Know – Briege Terese

Realist Novel – HenryHenry Fielding

Assumption Day – RJ Smith

My Possible Girlfriend – Johanna Hatlem

Self-Saints of Becoming – Vanessa Aricco

Madonna-Mania – Lily Sanders

Mauve Chiffon, Künstlerroman – Jacob Sponga

Virginia is for Lovers – Maxfield Francis Goldman

Sunshine – Gwen Hilton

On Love – Sasha Benderskaya

In a Trailer in Western Kentucky – Phoebe Marmura

Lucid Forgettings – Daniel Jaeger

The Kawasaki Rose – Sam Buntz

Michael – Gregory Yelnish

La Pipopipette – Alana Frances

True Life – Lily Bix Daw

Asphalt Arcadia: The Gospel of Valentino Rossi – Bailey Snow

Where She Goes – Jonathan Phillips

Eucalyptus Sonata – Adedapo Adeniyi

Under the Skin – Brenna Hagan

Homesick – Ly Villmann

The Late Bird – Emma Nelson

I Want To Be Free – Lacie Grayson

To Patronize – Johanna Boyes

You Are Almost Always With Someone Else – Jacob Madkour

On the Basalt Flat – Lily Arnell

Dogman – Forrest Muelrath

Vultures at Mt. Zion – Linda Harvey

Silent Understanding – Montgomery Carlo

Motive-Hunting – Jan Stanek

Cyber Café – Kagami Smile

Parks for Passionate People – Perry Genovesi

Temptation of the Church Janitor – Jesse Hilson

Chargo – Adam Johnson

The Dilemma of the He and His House, House? – Adedapo Adeniyi

The Endless Plain of Fortune – Fawzy Zablah

~ – Misty Sky Rain

Letter to My Future Ex – Matthew Ciazza

Burning Slightly – Johanna Hatlem

The Music Teacher – Elliot Menard

the snoot project, resolution to – Amina Snoot

Continuous Drifting – Ben Faulkner

Southern California – Martina Martinez

We Ran Into the Ocean and I Couldn’t Breathe – Althea Champion

Organ Diary – Michael McSweeney

the snoot project continued – Amina Snoot

Getting a Tattoo in Five Months – SG Phillips

lent- excerpted from postscripts (forthcoming) – [x]

Pool Party – Katie Orr

People, Places, Things – Patrick Easton

I Know You Got Something Funny But You – Lily Bix Daw

the snoot project, the opening of – Amina Snoot

One Hundred Years of Aftermath – Gwen Hilton

Salome’s Ghost – Adam Johnson

Heebie Jeebies – Lily Sanders

Gain of Function – Vivian Dyer

American Tragedy Triptych – Jason Graff

Heart Catch Fire – Radou Pouianou

Abyss – Hannah Liberman

The Projects Are Haunted – Jonathan Hine

Vignettes from the Insect Hotel – Ryan Lambert

Teens Underwater – Stephan Crown-Weber

The Camera’s Eye – Annie Cooperstone

Caulk – Nicholas Forman

Free Trial – Amina Snoot

The Science Fiction of Science Fiction – Adedapo Adeniyi

An Effortless Transaction – GRSTALT Comms

Fall From Grace – Ally Shap

Planets – Julian Castronovo

Parkland and Sons 1814 – Maxfield Francis Goldman

Feeble Will – Kevin Johnson Murillo

I’m Sorry To Inform You There Will Always Be Songs Like This – Christian Winn

Kratom and Eve – Anna Krivolapova

The Maze of the Seven Glands – Lenny Boyle

Slave Day – Michael Zunenshine

House on Fire – Corey Lof

My Stalker and the Bird – Annie Cooperstone

Yellow Switch Palace [chapter 1] – David Bingham

Sour Grapes – Lisa van Hees

Recovery – Jamie Iredell

Safari – Corey Lof

Summer Project (or #scoliosiswarrior) – Sylvie Pingeon

Girl Trouble – Schuyler Mitchell

Do You Have the Time? – Audrey Redmond

Taj Mahal – Roman D’Ambrosio

In Retrospect I Realize – Cassidy Grady

Airsoft – Gwen Hilton

Lancaster County – Caitlyn Bell

Wallowing in Destiny – Keko Prijatelj

Truepression – SG Phillips

The Birth of American Bandstand – Sam Berman

What Happened Yesterday and Today and Tomorrow (I Became the Nobody of Myself) – Big Bruiser Dope Boy

Let Me Tell You Something About This Life I Built

Inheritance – Cash Compson

Sour Note – 11/2/2023 – Armani Hollindale

I Didn’t Let Therapy Work (in Which I Guillotine the Entire Outside Passing by My Window) – Sean Kilpatrick

Where to Get the Sugar – Forrest Muelrath

The Breaks – Teddy Burnette

On the Verge of Hypertension – Alex Antiuk

Shift [excerpt] – William Tidwell

diary of anhedonia – Wrath of Persephone

Pain – Eli S. Evans

Cat Scratch Fever – Maeve Barry

My Grandfather’s Condoms – Calvin Atwood

Coagulation – Ly Villmann

106 – Gwen Hilton

Indoor Voices – Imogen Osborne

Smoke Rings – Jennifer Ostopovich

You Need To Let Meme Death Run Its Natural Course – Caleb Bethea

Either Way, You’ll Regret It – Drew Mosman

Troublemaker – Cora Lee

Big Game Hunting – Tim Frank

On Nothing – Rachel Allen

Little Dead Body Map – Jason Hamilton

We Need the Fortnite Skinification of All Biological Life on Earth – Jonathan Allan

A Bad Look – Hamilton Craig

Whiteout – Mark Ward

Oranges – Gwen Hilton

Wrong Number – Lily Bix Daw

I Stayed Awake All Night – Steve Passey

I Got a Job in Dada Entry – Jesse Hilson

Little Wing – Gwen Hilton

In God We Trust – Phoebe Marmura

Tangled Up in You – Gwen Hilton

Passwords and Usernames – Big Bruiser Dope Boy

Boundaries – Michael Hoarty

Saturday, October 8 – Josh Vigil

It Is Water Though It’s Frozen – Nakai Garcia

Stay – Nikki Volpicelli

Soon As Night Falls – plasticbagger (feat. Danielle Keller)

No Birds Sing: Prologue – David Hay

Jule’s Farm-Chapter 1 – Ted Prokash

Dirty Soles – Caleb McGhee

Crow and the Infinite Wasteland – David Hay

Mare Nectaris – Kenan Meral

Motherfucker – Dustin Cole

Under the Eyes of Michael Jordan – Jillian Luft

Hieroglyphs – Schuyler Dickson

Speak, Theodore – Adam Johnson

The Gland – Jazz Boothby

Makin’ Hell – SG Phillips

And Some Prefer It Cold… – Homeless

You Live Punk – Fred Pierre

The Fallen Angels of the East End Vol. 3: The Cronies Chorus – Jackson Cole Jr.

Last Call – Edward Barnfield

Literature is a Hole – Alistair McCartney

Dog City – David Lohrey

Pummeling the Dead – Robert Fromberg

The Magic Eightball: A Jewish Mystery – Phoebe Nir

Pictures of a Man Holding Food – Joey Zemmol

The Mutilated Farmers – Kevin Johnson Murillo

Human Life – Maya Chang Matunis

Shell – Owen Caliri

Kyle – Stuart Buck

Vide Cor Meum – P.C.M. Christ

Eva – Adam Johnson

What Are You Looking For? – Matthew Sini

I Wish Kevin Was A Bag Of Sand – Bobby Miller

Therapy in Little Westside Tokyo Town – Calvin Atwood

Oil Window [excerpt from Run the Bead] – Dustin Cole

Glitter – L. Stylar

El Sabino (English) – Pedro Torres

Humiliation Ritual – Garth Miró

Perishables – Amy Grech

Ceres, Scaffolding – John Larson

A Gate – Michael Quint

The Boarder – Eli Evans

Solo Artist – Miles Coleman

Dragonfly – Sam Pink

I Read a Story About Love – Teddy Burnette

morning noon and night – Chris Benton

The Myth of Pishtaco or Making Sense of Self-Destruction – Natalie Cortez-Klossner

Qui Vive – Joe Haward

Despair and the Inscrutability of a Bush – Teddy Duncan

Anti-Post City – J M F Casey

The Wedding – Nicholas Clemente

Girl Undrossed – Zach Dansie

Psychedelic Breakfast – Cherry Earnshaw

Verticordia, Changer of Hearts, Part III – Giovanni

My Man of War – An Essay on My Physical Relations with Kendall Roy of Thebes – K. S.

Cecil’s Gift – Amir Naaman

Secular Martyr – Jan Stanek

The Monitor – Daniel Adler


Messages from Paradise – Ben Arzate

Nancy & Sephiroth – Kathryn Mayer

Ghost Story – Tess Pollok

bodies and public spaces – Amina Snoot

The Last Two People on Earth – Amanda Anderson

My Daughter, the Ecofascist – Daniel Lukes

Bunnies – Shana Graham

Gig Economy – Annie Cooperstone

Beth the Bioterrorist – Alex Osman

Paradise – Sloane Leong

Sing Along If – Devin Barricklow

Cialis, Verdi, Gin, Jag [excerpt] – Adam Johnson

Cool in the Nineties – Barrie Miskin

Mid-August-Early-Sept New York Women – Calvin Atwood

Shame on Me – Elizabeth Acosta

The Valley – Michael McSweeney

The Architecture of Unhappiness – Chloe Pingeon

The Woman – Janae Windsor

The Blank-Eyed Bandits of Synergy – GRSTALT Comms

The Mother – Marceline Mayfield

Let’s Play: Was My Dad An Alcoholic? – Sabrina Small

Extratone – Stuart Buck

The Adventure of the Glass Pipe – Caleb McGhee

Eager to Help – Calvin Atwood

Two Rough Translations, Available for the First Time – Sean Kilpatrick

Intersections – Gabriel Hart

Mrs. Lonleyharts – Alexander Kattke

Tracked and Signed For – Charlie Chitty

FUN GUYS – Forrest Muelrath

Dumpster Pizza – Alex Antiuk

Parade – Scott Litts

Preliminary Notes on a Miami Cannibal – Fawzy Zablah

Dunkoff Chapter One – Sam Wade

A Positive Choice – Chris Morgan

Catfish – Charlie Chitty

NEMESIS – Paulos at Myth Pilot

Each Woman Painted in a Baroque Portrait – Isabella Israel

The Bottle – Joel Kopplin

Coors – Gwen Hilton

The Comment – Teddy Burnette

Mold – Alex Antiuk

Sex is Epic – David Lohrey

Our Little House in Lisbon: an excerpt from Gitanes – Fawzy Zablah

Chemistry Happens in a Lab – SG Phillips

Ronnie K.’s Big Summer – Cash Compson

Daughter of an Executioner – Tade Davis

Impermanence – Curtis Eggleston

It’s Something I’ve Been Working On – SG Phillips

Soft Exit – Justin K. Louie

Project Unfamiliar Key – Charlie Chitty

THE SEA – Chris Benton

Even God’s a Writer – Amy-Jean Muller

The Waif – Scott Litts

Mannequin – John Larson

The Mark of the Nazarene – J.W. Wood

Swing Low – Justin KB

An Enormous Meanwhile – Teddy Burnette

Isabella – David Hay


Four Days: A Cycle – Patrick Burr

Boy Meets World Wide Web – Sean M.F. Sullivan

AFTER LIFE – Nicholas Clemente


Dead Vermillion Skies – Johannes Göransson & James Pate

NANCEY & HER VODKA – Brian Pester

The Valeries, Synthesizer Transmission (an excerpt) – Forrest Muelrath

Neo – plasticbagger

St. Anne’s Day, or The Frog Funeral – Gabriel Smith

something like hope – Mike Canney

Two Eulogies – Matthew McGuirk

Speed Trap – Kevin Kearney

Love You – Ally Shap

lustrate – Bex Peyton

Drag it Out Back – Bryan Michael

make your self – Daniel Ross

Infinite Loop – Conor Truax

On the Brutality of the Soul – Bailey Snow

Terminarch – David Vonderheide

Wrong Man – Kyle Kirshbom

Blue Roses – Pedro Torres

Expat from Wuhan – Nathan Pettigrew

Monster – Jack Moody

A Home for Jebediah – Gabriel Hart

WORDSEA – Ramtin Mesgari

Beanie Weenies – Jeremy Scott

Cancer Free – Eli Evans

A Tale of Crepuscular Summer – Peter Schutz

Yoked to Time – Rekha Valliappan

Nosferatu Banks – Alex Osman

The Maggot in the Mind of My Room – Peppy Ooze

Guttation – Rick Claypool

Nonstop – Tanner Armatis

Swan Pedalo – Edwin Stevens


Human Resources – Pliny Kirk

evacuation proceedings – Judson Hamilton

When I Die I Want To Become A McDonald’s™ – Sean Chua


Post-Mortalism in Dale Caps – Peter Tyree Morrison Colwell

921 – Tanya Visceglia

And what if Lolita had a Pen? – Marika Engelhardt

Fall in Empire – John Yohe

Bullshit Technician – Anonymous

Never Cursed – Isabella Israel

Mother Farmer Chicken Shiner – Steve Passey

Stacking Plates – Joshua Chaplinsky

The Hard Woke Tutelage of Okey Honkey – Tia Ja’nae

Growth Mindset – Katy Naylor

Looking for Color – Andrew Jacono

Can’t Find Chuck Berry on the Radio – John Crawford

INTRUDER! – James Krendel-Clark

Brainard Bullion: Creative Consultant – Mark Blickley

Pokémon Apocalypse – Yuya Sakurai

TRY – Zans Brady Krohn

Happy, Ergo Futureless – Teddy Burnette

Transcript of a Dry Run Voice Memo Recorded at 3:49 in the Afternoon (not actually, but may as well be) – Sage Strusser

Mammals – Michael McSweeney

My Lived Experience – SG Phillips

Two for Eternity – Russell Thayer

In the Darkness Before Dawn – Wilson Koewing

The Swineherd – Daniel Adler

Rose, An Epithet – Jane Copland

Whoever Suffers in the Body – Ann Manov

Pitchfork After Scythe – Gabriel Hart

a short story about the wolf at the bottom of my garden – Katy Naylor

Levitating Shards of Glass (IV. Seagate) – Waldo Pardon

The Gulch – Samuel Milligan

A cup of flesh & bone – Kaisa Saarinen

Henry Kissinger Will Never Die – Daniel Lukes


This was a Performance – Teddy Burnette

The Mojo Hand – Obren Bokich

Lend Me Your Light – Lindsay Temple

Land of the Free – Kyle Seibel

BODY MASH – Max Restaino

Anthem – Manuel Marrero

How Brave, to Predict the World’s End – Curtis Eggleston

Quantum Diaper Punks – Stuart Buck

Descartes’ Demon – Andrew Davie

Warm Sun: Los Angeles – Jesus is Victory

Heinous – Nicola Maye Goldberg

Nnedimma – Kasimma

Degrassi Made Bipolar Disorder Look So Charming But it Has Actually Just Made Me the Worst – Cash Compson

The Denialist – Justin KB

This Will Make a Man out of You – Gwen Hilton

AWS (Augustine Web Solutions) – J M F Casey

Instinct, or the Holey Space Between Thoughts, Hands, the Painted Image and a Rotting Corpse – Cade Miller

The Device – R Kofman

MONKEYSHINES – David Gianatasio

A Deserter Dreams of Tiny Dogs – Garth Miró


Melvin’s Evasion – Teddy Engs

Burn Me To Ash – Chandler Morrison

Chasing the Suburban Dragon – Dutch Simmons

You Can Renew Your Vows at Chuck E. Cheese Anytime You Like – Claire Hopple

The Religious – Big Hark

The AF Collective’s Ghetto Aristocracy [excerpt] – Mango Jones

Neighbor, Cousin, Writer, Patient – Allistair May

Boy With Antlers – Sean Duffield

Petrol – Rebecca Gransden

The Slutz of Urik Petrushkevych – Colin Gee

Swan Necks Like Swords – Autumn Christian

I Thought I Left You In The Countryside – Keegan Swenson

One Tiny, Tiny, Tiny Move – Brendan Gillen

death driving to the taco bell to get a black cherry slushie – Aonghas Cameron

Homeless Enlightenment – Curtis Eggleston

Noise-Making – Teddy Burnette

Uncle Bruce – Kevin Bigley

Numerological Enlightenment – Curtis Eggleston

3 GRSTALT Fictions – GRSTALT Comms

JOI – Jackson Ross

Sanatorium – Isak Saaf

Astrological Enlightenment – Curtis Eggleston

One Time at Camden Lock – HLR

Serena – Cobi Powell

Turtle Enlightenment – Curtis Eggleston

Bits – Lilliya Reid

The Devil from You – Max Thrax

A Little Man – Jana Surkova

Enlightenment^2 – Curtis Eggleston

Missed Call – Scott Cumming

What I Learned About Women in Las Vegas – Calvin Atwood

Arm Wrestling – K. Gene Friedman

Lunar Days – Joseph Worthen

Gloxinia Enlightenment – Curtis Eggleston

The Storm – Jeremiah Benson

Frank Ocean Enlightenment – Curtis Eggleston

Steak Night – Joseph Marczynski

A City Surrounded by Forests – n mack

1974: The Ambiguous Character of a Woman Like Mitzi Hubbock – Braden Timss

Waking Up – N.B. Turner

Savages – Steve Passey

Fiction Reader/Writer – Derek Maine

A Hot Knife Which Reveals a Disclosure Concerning Survival – Sam Heaps

Daydreams – Teddy Burnette

The Right Seed – Max Restaino

Whiskey Tango Hotel – Jillian Luft

When Rob Got Hit by a Car – Dan Melling

The Magic Pig – Chris Morgan

Group Therapeutic Enlightenment – Curtis Eggleston

It’ll Find You All the Time – Jane Black


Images of Cruelty – Gia Furs

The Last Time – Matt Knutson

The Rotfrauder – William Tidwell

Bent – Avelynne Kang

Culler Lake – Matt Lee

The Factory – Neil Randall

Mortality Signal – Brendan Williams-Childs

Speedrun Enlightenment – Curtis Eggleston

A Freak Summer – Réka Nyitrai

Excerpt from the Novel of a Forgotten German Modernist – SG Phillips

Strange Captive – James Nulick

Before and After the Flood – Troy James Weaver

Bro Hymn – Jon Lindsey

Sleep/cat – Calvin Westra

College – Myles Zavelo

Inside Source – Sybil Rain

Clock – Jesse Hilson

I am a Glory Hole – Mark Wilson

Fictions – Daniel Sidereal

Society of Sunseeking Individuals with Devil May Care Attitudes – Augie Cal

Carmella – Josh Vigil

The Only Factory Man – N.A. Gleason

The Hoffler Journals 1 – Jai Knight

Lena & Valerie – Genevieve Jagger

Organ-Grinding – Meg Tuite

The Floating Beast – Jon Berger

Teleplay – Anne Hightower

Arriving in Grand Central [excerpt from The Valeries] – Forrest Muelrath

Who Owns What – James Cato

Born for a Noose – Stephen J. Golds

dancing with a crescent knife and a skull full of blood – Joel Kopplin

AEROSMITH HEROIN – Shane Jesse Christmass

RATE ME – Claudia Rose

You Won’t Know You’re Dead Until You Try It – Heath Ison

Debut – Alex Tronson

Meth Love (excerpt from Gag) – Sybil Rain

The Disappearing Subject: An Excerpt from The Factory of Russian dolls – Daniel J. Cecil

Excerpt from Purgatory – Ian Townsend

fragments of CONTEMPT – Anthony Dragonetti

Garden Snake / MARK’S TURTLES – Madeline Cash

King Crimson, Lee from Asda, Optimus Prime, and The Abyss – Daniel Fraser

Back Alley Blues – M.E. Proctor

Actors – Garth Simmons

No biggie! – SG Phillips

Journeys – Genevieve Jagger

The Devil Reversed – David Peak

an organizational chart(poem) on being – Michael Farfel

Kink Market – India O’Hanlon

Bruxism [excerpt] – Daniel Breuer

Breeder – Benjamin Welton

Saving Throws – Michael McSweeney

Pale God – Walker Storz

A Good Night – Don Logan

Ridge Ending – Curtis Eggleston

The Penthouse – Alex Antiuk

The City – Kyle Kirshbom

Transmission – Ted Prokash

HOOKUP – Rachel Lilim

Art Criticism – SG Phillips

DEAR MARCI – Jack Skelley

The Space Between Two and Three – Gabriel Hart

Jojo – Sierra Armor

Lemons – Josh Sherman

Polycephaly – Mason Parker

Birthday 2 – Manuel Marrero & plasticbagger

The Wrong Elevator – Karter Mycroft

Vicarious – Wilson Koewing

Sleep – Nicholas Clemente

Coda for a Killing – Reese Avery

Don’t Worry, I’m Clean – Chandler Morrison

Almond Milk Saves Lives – Alex Antiuk

A Gallon of Water – D.T. Robbins

Mold – Jack Owens

Robbery – Cory Bennet

King of the Castle – William Wright

Crowded Afterlife – Sean Ennis

The Consumption of the Vessel Sarah – Daniel Beauregard

Time to Dance – Bram Riddlebarger

Cryonics – Steve Gergley

Concentric Fizzles – Jonah Howell

Revenge – Jenna Putnam

Pluck – Vivian Chavez

Oh – Joshua Hebburn

Lieutenant Frotteur – Rose Landra

Night Shades I – Derek Maine

Words to Die By – Eli Evans

Things That Didn’t Happen – Sybil Rain

June 14th 1645 – Naseby, England – Stuart Buck

We Got Down – Tyler Dempsey

Something I Do Alone – Alisha Wexler

The Lone Palm – Jordan Sullivan

Black and White – Charlie Chitty

When Your Dad Isn’t Your Dad Anymore – Tim Frank

Pretending to Fence – SG Phillips

A Neighborly Assault – Dave McLeod

A S I N G L E L I G H T B U L B – Bill Whitten

Bar Rot – Felicia Rosemary Urso

Wetlands – Scott McCulloch

False Cypress – John Larson

Real One – bibles

As Long As You Need – Tyler Peterson

REVERSE-PLAY [excerpt] – Logan Berry

The Second Death – Jordan Sullivan

Survivor – Logan Roberts

A Fun Dinner Date – Myra Glass

Flesh and the Material World – Gabriel Hart

Room for Good Food – Kenneth Randle Landers

Ripped in the Streets – bibles

Electric Funeral – Farah Rose Smith

And You a Surface Lie Flat – Derek Maine

Year of the Plague Rat [excerpt] – Randall Leong

The Pink Patriarch – bibles

Double Doom – Doom in the West

Trying Too Hard – Rosemerí

Averbroke Mountain (Time Glitch Shuffle) – Jai Knight

Forbearance – Caleb Caudell

Friends After Fifty – Jane DIESEL

Preservation – Alexander Kattke

Ode to the Bennu Bird – Michael Savignano

Prayer Tones – Curtis Eggleston

Power Through Scent – Patrick Kilgore

Catfish Creepypasta (HAUNTED GAMEBOY ADVANCE CARTRIDGE) – Danielle Keller

Vegetable Humanity [excerpt] – Jacob Louis Beaney

Texts from an Ex-Wife on June 1st Through 6th 2013 – Jake Blackwood

Tequan Is On Bicycle – Homeless

Scribble Daemon – Viv Cartagena

I Hate Walmart – Patrick Kilgore

Gordon Ramsay – Josh Sherman

The Poets Next Door – Josh Vigil

Election Correspondence – New York Team

American Morality/Ideology Superstore: The Ever-Shifting Form of Freedom in the Post-Industrial World – Teddy Duncan Jr.

Illuminato [excerpt] – Maté Jarai

Thought Machines – RG Vasicek

Noises [excerpt] – Joel Kopplin

Crashed to the Ground – Dawson Wohler

Pegasus – Rosemerí

Goner [excerpt] – denoiser

Letter to Manuel Puig – Louis Armand

As the Curtain Falls – Tim Frank

club club heart club club club club – Jane Judith

Inherit My Life – Eric Aldrich

The All-The Way House – Gabriel Hart

every life is a closed universe – Darragh Savage

Florida Man – Josh Sherman

Bruce in his Chair – Derek Maine

Killing the Succubus – Ryan Madej

Twenty First Century-and-then-some Transcendentalism – Connor Davis

speedy and dumb (or infinitely numb) – Elizabeth V Aldrich

The No-Fly List [excerpt] – Alex Beaumais


Teeth [excerpt] – Ryan Kelley

The Piss that Misses the Pot (Even Our Bodies are Disembodied) – Joshua Rodriguez

Xie Xie – John Larson

Nothing Ever [excerpt] – Michael Mc Aloran

phosphospex – Rachel Lilim

Final Assignment – Dan Morey

Knot – Alex Kies

Requiem for a Cat – Derek Maine

Jump [from PROWL] – Sean Kilpatrick

Moon – Susie Davidson

Circus of Perversion – John Downing

Stung! – Hank Kirton

Bad Air – Andersen Prunty

Meet Me at the Supermarket – Benjamin Welton

A Modern Romance (beginning/ending) – Jai Knight

advertisement3 – Marston Hefner

Kept Change – Gabriel Hart

Heartworld – Kit Hodge

The Curators – SG Phillips

Abstinence Anna – Elizabeth V Aldrich

American Victim [excerpt] – Meg McCarville

Falling Sky [excerpt] – Jeff Vande Zande

Depression Recipe 1 – John Larson

Wilson Street – Derek Maine

The Huddle – Sam Fishman

Tar Plus Empire – Rachel Lilim

i – Mercy de Palma

A Rash of Suicides – Alexandrine J. Ogundimu

Zone 4: Clinical Lycanthropy / La Bocca Al Lupo – Daniel Beauregard

Aquariums – Jon Berger

Shore Leave – RJC Smith

The Big City – Alex Kies

In the Places of the Paths – Michael Savignano

Chastity – Chandler Morrison

PACHANGA TIME – Fawzy Zablah

whoops did too much – KKUURRTT

Sleeping Phoebe – Charlie Chitty

Anything That Moves – T.W. Selvey

The Dove Also Shall Dwell with the Dog – Réka Nyitrai

Tzatziki – RG Vasicek

Maint – Viv Cartagena

King – Maggie Siebert

Wanwan – Uzodinma Okehi

Black Echo Jungle – Jai Knight

doublewide book of the dead – Chris Benton

Excerpts from the Bacanora Notebooks: The Beast – Mather Schneider

The Beaching – KKUURRTT

Cult of Infants [excerpt] – Michael Savignano

Finn Almost Buys a Goldfish – Chris Cooper

Armed Response Raid 27.07.2020 – E.F. Fluff

Mill Town Maleficia – Scollay Under

Cam Girl – Strawberry Trellis

a pale light from a window on high – Hestia N/A

Glass Brain – Noise Weaver

Like I Used To – Heath Ison

The Head Commissioner’s Tale – Michael McSweeney

Thrash Metal Miniseries Pitches of Video Game Fanfic – Sean Kilpatrick

A Murmuration of Apples; Her Snowbanks of Lonely Night – Réka Nyitrai

Marauding Through the Night – J S Khan

Fluctuation [excerpt] – Kristina Golec

Revolution is not a Dinner Party – Hestia N/A

Conway’s Last Dance – Benjamin Welton

Shooting Blanks (Not So Super Now) – James Stelzer

The Most Fearsome Thing – Joanna Rafael Goldberg

The AF Collective’s Poison Path [excerpt] – Emanuel Magno

Fabrication [excerpt] – Kristina Golec

Schizoid Screaming – Hestia N/A

Why You Will Never Be Able to Endure a Chinese-Style Lockdown – Sean Bronson

The Gentleman Balloonist [excerpt] – Ian Kappos

Lost and Jealous – Elizabeth Victoria Aldrich & Tom Thirst

several feet above a river – Jack Joseph

the shock vortex – Jonathan Hine

please please – Lindsay Lerman

Pet Waste – plasticbagger

Ocean Condo 2005 – Chaotic Nightslayer

Crab Boy – Kit Hodge

Roadside Dilemma – Theo Banks

Whiteface [excerpt] – Sam Burnett

Jidohanbaiki Nightmare – Dale Brett

Derek – E.F. Fluff

Science Fiction Double Feature – Alexandrine J. Ogundimu

My Suite – Joanna Rafael Goldberg

Lucky Elephant – Karina Bush

Worthless in Bangcock – Dale Brett & James Krendel-Clark

Indignation – Hestia N/A

Dolly – Josiah Morgan

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The Most Vulnerable Brains – Cory Popp

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