Strange Seeds – Gwil James Thomas

Nebulous Garden.

We were scattered
dandelion seeds
caught in a breeze,
illuminated by the sun –
like tricks of light,
hovering above
a dandelion free lawn –
disbelieving in

Soil speaks
of past existence –
but nobody listens.

Dangling fruit
ripens on the branch.

A gargantuan
centipede lifts
its body upright –
its legs swaying
like bloody
meat cleavers
on hooks.

Let’s bury our brains
in the ground and
let the garden


An Alternative Ending.

instead of
getting caught in
a hurricane
of cruel reflections
for bad hands dealt,
roads not taken
and missed
human connections
you suddenly think –
fuck it,
crack open a beer,
sit back,
laugh deeply
and instantly become
your own hero again,
having forgotten
that sometimes a
fuck it is all
you ever need.