suicideolympix – Elizabeth Victoria Aldrich

clouds up on graveyard shift and the implacable moon is a welcome comma between the foreign inflection of vapor clauses. i’m a fallen star that burns outside-in because i only exist insofar as i’m reflected in you. listening with reverence to the imitative gleams in your cracked skull… mutant germs of ancient sense blazing still.

(invalid homage to the nebula diaspora… inconsolable, dire people, dead to their own womb; derelicts with insane designs on their own shadows.) 


suicide olympics

it is my considered climate of opinion that in the near future (because pop culture U.S.A. is so shock happy & attention hungry) there will be a new reality show competition, THE SUICIDE OLYMPICS, broadcast to a couple hundred countries with about as many commentators.

the government would chip in with a free sterilization for the immediate next-of-kin. you’d get your summons in the mail, like for jury-duty.

basically 12 lucky contestants (say former beauty pageant winners on the premier episode) have to try to kill themselves on stage as fast and grotesquely as possible with common household objects chosen by a live studio audience; parasuicidal gestures explicitly disqualify you–for which the punishment is automatic beheading. points are taken off for flinching & hesitation wounds. say three minutes and twenty seconds to do the grisly deed. a quick & painless demise a rare thing; no one walks away with a consolation prize because everyone wins. no one walks away.

yellow ribbon for dead last
purple star for most original
lame brain for worst copycat
A for Effort
red sash for bloody well done
blue ribbon for #1st place

& at the end if you did real well the audience chants an intercession for your soul & if you suck the audience chants damn, damn, damn, damn! 


Oliver untwisted

 [Jul. 8th, 2007|11:37 pm]  KITCHEN: BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE UNIVERSE, A VOID (self-explanatory)
NON-UNION CHEF: MIND (transcendent)
SOUP: LIFE (immanent) [it grows a skin, if you wait patiently; this is what a man could say to an expecting woman her first trimester for sure]
BEGGING CHILD: PSYCHOSIS (manifest) [the mind and life are unlikely bedfellows, always disastrous break-ups and philandering and backsliding & eventually tempestuous Life gets a divorce from sterile and surly Mind and the mind becomes a single dad of human body and drinks all the beer day long to try to calm down while the body watches tv in the other womb]  


ok now i’ll take you like so, tell you know i so, how you used, sopohnsodifwd and pute, as in: punitve, plaintive, plaited, punky, pert. you know the ugly duckling, the difference between FAME and FAMILY or as one eminent authority recently quoted, “if you count on nothing else, the microwave ovens are loving it.”

pale consolation i know

i was in a proportion to descent the lowering of my descent into the infinitely lower descent, even, to deign to consider such a man was a fact without its headache, a man without a fact is headache, this should be my epitaph, i mean it; everyone PUT IT IN YOUR WILLS PUT YOUR MIND IN GODS & PREY FOR ALL YOU TINY LITTLE MONSTER MIGHT [it’s an anagram for anti-dope antfarm for coke aardvarks]

but now we’re extinguished cadaverous do that embalm with the tenebrous, precious adjective ineffable — did i mention pretentious yet [sounds like princess] [princess and the P] [princes keep out, princeses like it wet & raw and cheap as cherry condom cherry cola group discounts]


drops like a stone stones into bread into batter into scones recycled into cheesecakes tastes like forever 


yeah what the fuck i’m stoned out of my tree, oh, you. so fuck that. no seriously; we’ll impose depose, DIScompose; it’s all dream, blood curdling scream heard in the dark, feet-running green all over the velveteen and up your padded chair to your sacred rose

does this purple prose make my ego look huge

you said: told you so first; but you had it coming so ought to you know what bruisefuck, ever bitch, i dig trees 4 YOU! ultimately in the universal refrigbilidy with an icebody of all planets ever, graced or no, non, we’ll have none of the that; piano tune here didactic courtshp remembersent you kmnow wshat you mean on it on it, on i mean; DEAD JUNK i’m just a flat punk runnin’ on DEAD JUNK billy corgan meets billy borroughs, for all the heaven’s shitballs and highhalls, you cam claim that your devils Deer, the unholy trinity of Paris Hilton Britney Spears & & & & /… LINDSAY the biggest LOHAN lowercase for that, she has “lo han discint” which might always represt “lo han reprezent” or okaylla ok we admit, “lo han descent” last for fuck that this gets jyurt running through sky steaks of abylne’s like i asm totally typing this whith eyes lc=osed, i mean closed, i mean closed, i mrrsamyn CLOSED.