Synthesis – Alex Kies


Thanks again for the last weekend. In Lockdown, being in California is unlike what you go through every day. For example, the plumbing is all fucked. The wolves are losing their home. And then look at Facebook.

Page numbers are coming. Book of the Dead.

A little boy grew a gun out of his hand like the first time I saw it on the radio show. This is the work of heavily medicated people. I think it’s a good thing to be gracious about the transition from the Internet to the right family.

Friendly reminder that tradition is so deeply rooted that tradition is so deeply rooted that tradition is so deeply rooted that the only thing I can imagine is summer sadness.

That was last night. Before pulse shooting. Now I understand that I am only small potatoes.  good thing that I don’t have any plans yet. But I can’t remember what we were talking about.


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you should not have turned off my phone
only the great cities of the country have them
Bloods a Rover
The last dream anyone had here was to be the only person with a gun at the doctor
Optical illusion
That sounds like a threat
I didn’t know anything about Abel
About the author of the study
Facts are slippery
Get the people back to work
And on the titular Caveman diet
Is this the only moral thing to do?
Is this the only moral thing to do?
wage nuclear naden gegenrussland
Go to the post office every day
Because you see, we can do that
My husband walked out of the house or whatever you want to call it
Midgets and the Black Community
In plumbing and electrical engineering
The OnlyFans is the best at work from home