Taken with This Life – Little Tank

pagan spring 2


in you I entrust all my lust

letters I wrote you never read

you can make anyone regret opening up to you

how many men have you tossed in the bin?

how many men are in your compost?

it’s sacrilegious to pray to God for a woman but I did

in this water I asked to be baptized

in this pagan spring I deface your sacrilege

and commit my own again





love is so gullible

and now I’m so jaded

pedestalize me

I will be your ideal world

I will hurt you because you believe in me

and I will never let you down

because I am never going to leave you alone

you will think of me while you sleep with other men

about how great I am, about how special I am

you will imagine you are with me

anytime you are alone

we will talk once in a while

but it will feel like love for a real eternity

you will carry me with you like a sword

and you will lose every battle

I am a prayer and a hope

I am a dream you keep having and can never recall





nothing but the rind left

nothing but this immaculate conception

nothing but born in America

nothing but living twice

old fashioned grit

American reserve

you too can get what you want

* * *

a rose without thorns

a mule missing a leg

the life you pine for

the life you miss