The Caretaker – SG Phillips

See Martin, stationed on watch by the sea, the twirling beam of light just behind him casting congruent shapes over the blackness, a radar to those who spent their lives in places like these. The waves shush all sound at the rocky shore, a rhythmic whir which blobs into white noise in his mind as small specks of rocks are cast into the sea. Martin watches the ship routes: small specks on the horizon form eyespot constellations to the blip, blip, blip of the beam as he keeps his gaze locked so perfectly, saccades accounted for by a steady back and forth micro-movement of his head. A ticking on a chain linked to his front pocket helps him keep time on the watch. A glance at his watch tells him it’s time to switch shifts alongside the tide. Goodnight, Martin. Sway, sway, and come back again.