The Curators – SG Phillips

Give me the power to produce fever and I’ll cure all disease. – Parmenides

Year 1

The primary commandment of Those Who Curate is that one must believe in Eternal Life.
The secondary commandment is Lesser Life Curates Primary Life.
The Tertiary Commandment is Forever Iterate.
The Quaternary Commandment is only 2 are required for Eternity.
I seek to join, to leave the lesser many and take shelter.

Year 4

I am affiliate. I may handle the vulgar Parts, but I may not attempt to direct. I archive to assimilate.

Year 8

I have passed. I have meditated in its presence. By all change ceasing, I feel change.
I will don these robes for the rest of my, if allowed, uneternal life. I am told to contemplate.

Year 20

I meditate.

The One rests at temperatures which kill secondary life. 

The One is kept stable, minute weights allowed thawhood for communion and prayer, the eldest allowed the privilege of Accumulation in exchange. He sheds his robes, the door shuts.

Our elders are centurions, our eldest further. 

Year 70

I am Brethren. I may be engulfed. I volunteer, for there is no greater privilege. There is no time too far. Patience runs eternal.

Each day, vulgar parts of The One arrive and are thawed by initiates for the archives. The sacred gels ran. Inspected. The fate of the vulgar Part determined: to remain continuous or be discarded. Patience runs uneternal.


I am Elder and Initiate.
The Second has approached. I run the gel for the newest initiate. He will later assimilate. As will all. I shed my robe.

I commune with The One. The filopodia grasp my hand, and I expand outward in all directions. I learn of our ancestor, living and dead, Henrietta, before I cease to become, and simply be. Then not. Both Being and Not, and neither.