The Gentleman and Miss. Sinner – Matilda Z. Halen


There is a gentleman with an umbrella, a Persian cat and a young lady named Miss. Sinner

BBC channel 3 Broadcaster said it’s gonna rain

On the old screen with a Hollywood smile.

West End and stage lights

She lost her umbrella at the backstage

Her Rebellious Youth and unspeakable past







      Where are the stars and memories under the night sky of the boulevard?

      The Gentleman and his cat took her home

      He gave her little stars and eyes of blue


She remembers the snowfall

      The pouring rain on the Boulevard

                 The smudge of ashen fluff and the reflected sky


      She is his China girl.

      He gave her little stars and eyes of blue.

Matilda Z. Halen is a writer based in Washington, DC. Her work has appeared in New English Review, Misery Tourism, Adelaide Magazine. Lily Literary Review, and other publications. You can find her on Twitter @mydearmatilda