The Last Drug Romantic – beat56


Words that start with orange


Misery is the Sherpa

from the heart to the mind

the descent life

the ascent old opiate words

and poetry’s tranquil lines


as the common woes

encircle like the acheing chemical

metal rain

a contented wait

a patience of beauty

inner compassion

float above society

higher like a ghost poet

just above high enough

Paradise now

the mountains are crying and it’s

snow start in my heart

the poppies are crying and it’s








Kerouac patchouli


the drug was lotus the comedown

diamond the drug


the comedown


potions of existence

potions of eternity

potions inevitably of

sundown       comedown


Make an effort like a lotus in fire


pale consolation paradise lost paradise coming up paradise cost
lost paradise syndrome disease of lost spirit ungenial spirits fail unspiritualized den of unliond’ loneliness a dying lamp gray twilight unpoem unhigh uninspird’ potentiations tolerance and anti-anxieties how do you like your blue eyed boy life death