The Mind Garden – Harley Claes

Entrance to a Line Drawn at the End of the World


This was a worship of endless nameless creatures, plant spirits rising.
They drank water from their troughs, lounging nectarine teens fluent in Pali.
At the very ends they meet, ardent children with unwashed feet.
Raised botanists, they were baby bohemians with dirtied flesh.
During the world’s decay, they gathered with fear of impending melodrama-
Breathing in the fragrance of the Earth’s ends, they did not quite like the taste.
It was not the diminishing humanity that evoked fear in them, rather the lil buds unkempt.
The unearthed rubied; worshiped shrines, and domesticated things untaken care of had them planting seeds, sowing thoughts through fertile lands.
With the last of their chalk they drew a line between them and nature’s bed,
allowing the Earth to reclaim what once belonged to the soil.


Youthless Reck


Drowsy eyed-
First thing Whisky, second hand smoke. It was languid play with a lighter in bare flesh.
Careless loving so the skin shrunk back.
We steal softly thru bank balance, pocketbook, paypal. To pay off the debts of the dead-
We are professional mourners of our lack of profession.
Maybe we could decapitate the dependency of the rush, locate the root and cauterize, to shake and scald my mind. We’re a little reckless, though moreover melancholy with a strain of sleepy eye. Injecting knowledge with an overdose- futile.


The Night Has a Thousand Eyes


The sky is eating itself in the name of Ouroboros, lit up with fuschias and blues that masquerade as night. The whole world is silent.
It is the swallowing of space, the creation of sapphire.
There remains a void creature with a million eyes that act as teeth, gnawing at the fabric of the universe.
These are not gentle beginnings.
This is a means to an ends and the enveloping of an era.
Soon the universe will conclude
And be born again with Earth as its Embryo
Birthing life into what was once a cosmic dance
Gone sinister