The Naked Light – Brooke Nicole Plummer

What do you feel in the embered messages // flowing through your body //
Erotic marvelously or a freeze without interruption? //

I write in overflow // & it combines me

Without the shadow, there is no enjoying the naked light //
Black-wardrobed syndicates for these shadows //

Spin these tired bodies with deepened prayer under the naked light //

These veins burnished by the ripening adventures through these shadows //

Everything my eyes absorb // swimming inside the temple’s corridors //
I then hear a whisper caught in the passage: “you’ve been alone too long.” //

Living shutteringly in the odyssey // of glittering tensions & shutdown electronics //

of God withered to become fiberboard ceiling tiles // a fallen tongue of nerves //
the blue distance of mist like the fragrance of tremble // of wonder-capture to be told