the olive tree, aug 2004 – KC Toimil

Though I declared to be one of your own

And i innocently sat among the

Rest of the men, behind you back, behind

My heart, I betrayed thee, oh dear Savior.


What prize is there to win in payment of

Eternal life in hell? To give up your

Identity and to forever lose
The dignity of knowing you, O’ Lord,

The secrets of your hiding flew out of

My mouth like a thousand hungry birds

On alert for food. In compensation,

What was I to receive but thirty coins.


And yes my payment came along with guilt

And yes I tried to undo what was done.

But the money could not be returned and

Neither could your life, so i gave up mine.

And to the tree with the sun coloured leaves
I wrapped my line slowly ‘round my neck as if

It were the cloth that keeps me safe from cold.

I stood upon the branch and set my eyes
On the floor. I let go of everything .