The Online Orbiters of V-nis – Adam Johnson

For Eris


Dream vag’s in
Dream sequence
The strings of Brahms, cut over
detox icunt tracks, faded, low-def
Asphalt nail scrapes inside an
OMG text with fake tits and
auto-corrected dick-tuck paintings in
Baize relief
Amazon orders, incomplete,
the cart stuffed full in virtual waves
The Scotch egg freak waylaying the associate editor
He is hollering for more Id
Working brain levers
Smoking tenderloins
Cool water cologne blunt instruments
on the rooftop, where they saved
Sam from the ledge
A pocket full of USB
Stolen from
Jarvis, the fake real estate agent
Jarvis logs in
As do all other subscription junkies
dollar-pay booth bachelor burners
bursting with incel lust
Chris, the flunky
Donny the blowhard fuck
Tapping his keys, watching
Cool ranch dorito thumbs from hell
Mickey the pervert
Mark the bitch-ass-mark of dreadful puns
Frederick the driver
Jared the green-grape addict, wino thumper
Ace the rollerblade freak, acid eyes
All tuned in to watch the steady dance
the wuzzy factor says
his ex marks the spot, shrieks, laughs
downs wring-jaws, fades, freaks
Video off
jack-off fits to the only living God Cunt
muted, sinister
V-nis blows a kiss of death
She’s center-stage, winks, bleeds
night struggles, tossing
but she keeps her cool
don’t lose it, i’s even goosed the governor
she says
it’s an old meeting routine
flicker moths appear from stretched battens
soft pedals drop, green, slimmed
halo effect, a vignette
V-nis pricks, takes powder
fingers, utters
scene fades
there is a credit in Baskerville
all the orbiters narrow in
focus, stress, lick the screen
it merely says,
Love, V-nis