the ritual deception of death – Jonathan Hine

while swooning into blissful radiance know that you dream in broad daylight where everything is delightful


dawning before you are shifting forces that storm and rage and play over a dull smoky light that casts a blight upon the whole region 


how beautiful the expression of the eyes where everything is covering in mud and the air is heavy with ammonia that surrounds, penetrates and overwhelms

where you must be very merciful and understanding because every movement or gesture is seen as threatening


and while quite transparent to everyone in the crowd


it is best to leave everyone alone 

a brilliant clear light indicative of the complicated symmetry of pristine cognition will shine in the sky one night

enclosing the truth about life

forget about where you are banned and pay attention to it

catch it before it fades

know that this choked oneness is harmlessly accurate 


and these shortwave thoughts are embedded within the flow

and are often tinged with frenetic screams causing the

overlying atmosphere to be unstable enough

to reach terminal velocity shortly before impact

traceless, clear, and empty