The Wizard – beat56

Suicide Soliloquy

utterly unequipped for the ordinary
suicide soliloquy
solitude soliloquy
heroind’ rain
book darkness moments
an antidepressant for silence
silk opium sleep poetry awakened


Needles and Mountains

half slept
you wore
your mind
like a blanket
dark way
high in the night
cold in
does dostoevsky evening sun
dust the sky


downdream the drug

in the morning trees behind

Mountains of needles – jacking the

sun up – waterfall intravenous

mainlined – the opium poppy

diamond drug mind – snort the

starlight looking up lying

downdream the drugs that awe

–  awe the drugs that dream – always

waiting for the sun


Schopenhauer Sun

Cry like the nightingale between
twilight and dusk

the darkened mind
drug god
drowsy passions
intellectual darkness
renounce power
source of pleasure
Schopenhauer sun
Nietzsche nirvana
Nietzsche         Schopenhauer
nirvana              samsara