The Things that Went Through my Head While Conveyering Screw-on Eyeballs for Mantella Corp. – Ryan Bry

(Inspired by ​Modern Times​).

Kid, kid, kid. Everything’s for the kid. The kid, I mean my boss, my husband, my son. “Mommy can you twist the arms in? Mommy, will you do the taxes for us? Mommy I spilled Fava! Juice on my shoes!?” The humanity of it is fine. We need. The big kid in the sky toots on. It’s the humility n I wasn’t born a humble girl. Okay girly, screw-on screw-on screw-on what’s the use did anybody bother to screw on my eyeballs? Nope they did it just by theyselves. Keep screwing on! My brain does a lot of stuff just by itself I wonder how come I ever needed anybody. Word by word our lives play on, eyeball by eyeball. Does it matter if the next one gets made? Always for the next one you think. You know, Ms. Louisa Hall, they’d replace you if you got fired or quit. Why? I gotta think my thoughts. Get a few thoughts in before the big zero. A few eyeballs, here n there, what are you really gonna do for the world? What did I ever really do for the world? Environs Corp. thought that thought once. What did they do? Gave us the parks, gave us the perks, that’s right… man—if there is a man—Shelley better keep up! Christ—if there is a Christ—they’re coming in at about 2 dolls per minute! Alright let’s be real, you’re going slow as is everyone going slow. Does it matter? Hands in front of you, let’s do what we ought to do. Any thought of that swish-tackler for the Jordanson Jays? I can imagine him in here, doing the very same work that I do. But he needs to be in that bubble. Sigh. You ever think sigh without making sigh? Hard thing to do really.

Supervisor Swim is coming through, n he’s got his gun on his hip of course of course. Oh my they are really going overboard with this whole sort of thing. Is there any thought for the simpler mam n pappy factory? “Hands out to your sides Ms. Hall. We have to check your pockets.” Oh me why? “You seem frizzed.” No I was simply entertaining these thoughts that’s I am accustomed to thinking. “No, you are frizz. Here’s the hash mints, from your pocket.” That means it’s off to section 412. “That’s right Ms. Hall.” Remember, we’re always listening to your thoughts, for your own safety. Always there? For always? Wasn’t there a point, had to have been a point before all this where I wasn’t goddamn bugged and I could just be free??? YOU!!! Excuse me do I know you? Do you buy marigold soap with your frock all unfurling? Do you hunt after truffles with your cousin from Swarmee? Do you pocket picket-fences easy as a dog sweats? Nobody numbers their dumb days like you. I know you intimately. You’re the one that steals moments from the highways. You’re the one that undulates under the unmanned sun happy as a bag of biscuits. You play pool party at Ridegar’s mansion, without sunglasses. See me now as you are. Become me.

Hi whirled! I’m Elisa miss beauty and I traipse on the courts of existence with no thought as to who’s really living or dead or being or the difference! Just see me in action! My memory is computerized, access anywhere you like! Oh you like that, didn’t peg you that way, Ms. Hall. Let’s experience the experience, darling. We are one for todays and tomorrows and yikes!!! Factory!!! Consciousness just zoomed back into these screw-on eyes. What makes my mind think these are more important than getting in touch with Elisa? Is everything you do the most important? I do my job, stay outta people’s way. I’m a hero in a way, you know. Not just “in a way” I’m the only way. Are they still monitoring these thoughts? Bah, forget them. I just made them up anyway. Heh. Let’s all continue to gold until dawn finds us with sacrament ribbons in our hair. I must continue, apologizingly. There are seven bells to ring. I choose them randomly, into some kind of strange harmony. Yes I love the way that they are and the way that they are will change never. They say I cling but I turn into dusty bronze away from them, them the ones who braid my hair flowery. It’s all fine and good yes I do love that way. What way do you do love Mr. Crumpsmitcher. (I just know you’re listening, even though it’s time to go home!) Always lingering on this groovy channel just to spy on me and what comes out of my one hundredth of a brain. River blossom pie you can’t just keep drinking like you do and tune in!

Monsters appeared, showing their bluey boils and non-exasperatable lungs. Two things had to happen: them to eat her or her to eat them. But she just carried on, well as anybody can carry on, with monsters in her brain tearing the flesh-matter to bits but her still living out of pure goddamned will to continue, zombied into her American life. Zombied in. Heyheyhey! Who’s talking on this line? It better be Ms. Louisa Hall and Ms. Louisa Hall only. I didn’t suffer no brain eating monsters they were just what you call guests invited to dine upon the most lovely thing in the world. My brain is my brain and I choose to share it, isn’t that what you raised me to believe with your chronic listeners? Ah whatever, river that runs runs. I come up with these blueberry phrases for no one cause no one matters and nothing rules but I got to keep up with my kiddo he does things for me like butter the corn and answer the door for Father Jeremy’s visits. I lead a life, simply.