this poem is titled untitled – Adedapo Adeniyi

the timeline of my existence is a concept album
my father named me jargons, my mother wept and said let my middle name be sex, I did not have a surname, I did not come from a family, I was not born
in the womb I screamed death to all
i didn’t know how to spell bloody murder
i didn’t know how to scream
so fetus suicide, hold for applause 
heaven is a coping mechanism and androids are celestials for the future we edge further away towards 
our name is jargons, his middle name is sex
last name?
shut the fuck up, didn’t your children raise you not to interrupt pastors? 
smack a sick fuck across the face, flowers fall to the earth and dissolve into swear words that’ll grow to start wars and clubs for homosexual rhinoceroses, this all comes to me naturally, I see in plural, I sees
I can’t swim, can you? save me before I drown in myself 
you are you
tell me your name
but first let me tell you mine
jargons sex
there’s an outro somewhere with a broken synthesizer and guitar strings floss my teeth until the music comes to an abrupt end and the rope breaks before my last breath and I struggle to my inhaler because I really don’t want to go yet
but i do
because i do
the band waits for me to conduct and in my hands is a paint brush, wave wave wave 
why did she weep? 
because mother 
why did she name me sex? 
because fuck you.