Thrash Poems – Nick D'Ingianni

Mad Man


“We can do anything we like as long as it is
UNIMPORTANT. But in all IMPORTANT matters the system
tends increasingly to regulate our behavior.”
-Industrial Society and Its Future, Theodore Kaczynski

Here, simply, is our delusion:
progression of society
is no idealist illusion.
Surrendering our dignity,
we traded our autonomy
for the same damned technology
that leads us to singularity.
We could kill the scientists,
and burn the bots before they breathe,
bomb the books; desist, resist!
But all we ever do is seethe,
complying, dying, suiciding,
craving counter-revolution,
so I guess it’s up to me
to end Hawking singlehandedly
in the great name of Kaczynski,
the only logical solution
as far as opened eyes can see.




i put a pig’s head in your bed because
you said on facebook that you hate cops.
the deputy said, before i took his head:
“i have a wife,
i have a wife!”
with a sigh,
i grinned, replied,
a glimmer in
impassive eyes:
so will i,”
and swung my axe
until he died.

wanna get married or