Three (3) Lyrical Miracles – Giovanni DeJaneiro

Earth is the most inhospitable planet

Earth is the most inhospitable planet
Shit on a shingle, totally pitiable
baby big baby dead to god
A twinkle like a trefoil
in the eye booger of an alien

Live your life now, without any time machines
Virginia dare
It wouldn’t be the world without you

Sleep w/ someone’s wife tonight
Fly to the moon,
gills on your face
And relax like a refrigerator
until failure

Stargirl Sonnet I

They say Centauri is far, much too far
For the feeble reach of a muffin man
But I caught a star without a bell jar
Loafing around with both hands down my pants

The nose of a kike, the eyes of a cat
Mud on her face and a roll in her mane
Plus a beauty mark and luscious teats that
Stiffened my dick and drove me insane

My legs grew weak as she ventured to speak
Of Dostoyevsky and sex addiction
There I fell in love upon both my knees
Having finally won benediction

So long as men can breathe, and eyes can see
I promise to fuck that hirsute pussy



Mama, I don’t wanna be a tradesman

I don’t wanna work on cars
Miter saw or weld rebar
Plumb a pipe or run a wire
And die before I retire

The money’s good, but your back goes bad
It’s a rite of passage for the fallen man
A summer job that never ends
Don’t call in sick unless you are dead

Mama, I don’t want no wooden spoon

I don’t wanna hang drywall
Shingle roofs or tile floors
HVAC or jamb a door
For the love of a dirty dollar

The blue collar ain’t right for me
I’d rather take a nose of Zyklon B
And sit right down on my ass all day
It doesn’t matter what They pay

There’s no career worth a tag on the ear
When the Easter Bunny works but once a year